Denizli Ski Center is waiting for its guests

sea ​​ski resort awaits its guests
sea ​​ski resort awaits its guests

The ski season opened in Denizli Ski Center, which was implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to increase tourism diversity in the city. Denizli Ski Center is waiting for the guests who are invited to meet snow and ski.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is the biggest skiing center of the Aegean, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality put into practice in order to have a say in winter tourism of the city, opened the ski season. 75 kilometers away from the city center, 2 thousand 420 meters altitude Tavas district in the neighborhood of Bozdag in Nıkfer Denizli Ski Center, waiting for guests who want to meet snow skiing. While all preparations are completed at Denizli Ski Center, which expects intensive visitors at the weekend, it is stated that the facility, which provides world-class service especially in winter sports with its mechanical facilities, will continue to be one of the most preferred spots in winter tourism.

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The skiing and snowboarding season was opened on 26 December 2019 at Denizli Ski Resort. I ve tesisin Facebook sayfasından (Denizli Kayak Merkezi) duyurulurken bölgedeki kar kalınlığının 50 santimetreyi bulduğu ifade edildi. Denizli Kayak Merkezi ile ilgili tüm bilgi ve verilerin, tesisin adresinden öğrenilebileceği, bunun yanında anlık duyuruların “Denizli Kayak Merkezi” adlı facebook sayfasından ayrıca “denizlikayakmerkezi.20″adlı instagram hesabından da takip edilebileceği vurgulandı.

Invitation from President Osman Zolan

Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, Denizli Ski tourism meaning that it is an extremely important investment, facilities are opened from the first day, not only from Denizli said that Turkey is a 4 by visitors entertained. Stressing that the facility will be the shining star of winter tourism this year, President Osman Zolan said, Erc We expect all our citizens who want to enjoy snow and ski in our ski center, which we call Erciyes, Uludağ, “he said.

Crystal snow quality at Denizli ski resort

Denizli Ski Center, which is most suitable for producing winter sports and is located in the forefront of Turkey's leading snow crystal structure. Within this scope, the biggest ski center of the Aegean is serving with 13 runways with a total length of 9 kilometers. Amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders are looking for all kinds of facilities, while the resort has 2 chair lifts, 1 chair lift and walking belt. The mechanical facilities can accommodate 2.500 people per hour and there are social structures to meet all the daily needs of visitors.

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