Presidency of the Council of State will make the recruitment of servants

presidency of state council
presidency of state council

Pursuant to Article 657 of the Council of State Law No. 4 and the provisions of the Council of State Appointment and Transfer Regulation, KPSSP2575, (KPSSP12, KPSSP2018, KPSSP3) score and the results of the oral exams to be held by the Council of State will be assigned to six (93) Servants with a grade of 94.


Applications will start on Monday, 06/01/2020, at 09:00, and will end on Friday, 10/01/2020, at 17:00. (Applications will be made during working hours.) Candidates are the website of the Council of State. completing the application form to be obtained from Ankara completely and correctly, it will be signed and photographed, together with the documents listed below, personally, by the Council of State, Üniversiteler Mah. Dumlupınar Boulevard

No: 149 (Eskişehir road 10. Km.) You can apply to Çankaya / ANKARA address.

Applications made by post, cargo or APS will not be accepted.



a) To meet the general conditions stated in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) 5th of the General Conditions of the Regulation on the Appointment and Transfer of the Council of State Staff

As of 1/35/31, the last day of the exam will be held in accordance with the clause of paragraph 12 of the article, "Not to be over 2020 years of age as of the last day of the exam announced by the Presidency for those who will be appointed to the civil service for the first time".

not to age. (Those born after 31/12/1985 may apply.)

c) According to the results of 2018-KPSS undergraduate and 2018-KPSS secondary education / associate degree (undergraduate)

KPSSP3 for graduates, KPSSP93 for associate degree graduates, KPSSP94 for secondary education graduates)

to have at least 60 (sixty) points from the score type,


a) To be at least high school and equivalent school graduates,


The documents listed below are mandatory during application.

Application Form (from the website of the Council of State)

to be filled in and signed by the applicant.

a) Original identity card and photocopy,

b) The year 2018 includes KPSSP3, KPSSP93 or KPSSP94 points,

KPSS result document with validation code. (To be confirmed by our institution from OSYM Presidency.)

c) The original copy of the diploma or the copy of the graduation certificate approved by the school or notary or the copy of the graduation certificate obtained from the e-government and having a verification code,

d) The applications of the applicants who are missing the required documents for the application, which delay the application date or whose qualifications are not suitable will not be processed.

NOTE: The exams of those who are found to have made false statements in the application documents will be considered invalid and a criminal complaint will be filed against the Chief Public Prosecutor.


a) Oral examination:

It will be carried out in accordance with article 12 of the Regulation on the Appointment and Transfer of the Council of State Staff. 5 (five) times more candidates will be invited, starting from the highest score, on the basis of the scores obtained in the oral exam and the central exam. (Candidates with the same score as the last candidate to be called for the oral exam are also called for the oral exam). In order to be considered successful in the oral examination of the concerned, at least seventy points must be obtained over a hundred full points. Candidates to be invited to the oral exam and the oral exam date will be announced at.

b) Final Achievement List:

The ultimate success list; According to the 13th article titled “Evaluation” of the Council of State Staff Appointment and Transfer Regulation, those who succeed in the oral exam, 60% of the central exam score will be determined by taking the 40% of the oral exam score. As a result of this assessment, starting from the highest score, the number of candidates announced according to the rankings to be made, the same number of reserve candidates, will be announced at.

The publication date of the results shall also be considered as the notification date and no notification shall be made to those who will be appointed to the post.


a) The documents to be requested before the appointment shall be announced together with the final success lists when the assignment shall be made.

b) Appointments shall not be made for the candidates who are found not to meet the conditions of appointment or to make false statements. In addition, if a fee has been paid by the administration, it shall be compensated together with the legal interest.

c) The appointment of those who have not been appointed or who have given up the right of appointment without a valid excuse shall be canceled and an appointment shall be made among the substitute candidates according to the ranking in the final success list.

It is announced to the public. 11708 / 1-1

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