Çarşlı Çavuşlu Bridge was opened for service

cirakli cavuslu bricks were opened to service
cirakli cavuslu bricks were opened to service

Apprentice Çavuşlu Bridge was opened to service; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to transportation projects in city centers, carries out projects that will ease the transportation of citizens living in rural areas outside the center. In this direction, the bridge on the connection road between the district of the district of Çavuslu district of the district of Çirakli District was renewed. With the bridge built by the Department of Science Affairs, the transportation comfort of the citizens living in the region was increased.


Within the scope of the project works, reclamation concrete was laid on the base of the stream bed. A stone wall was built on both sides of the stream. Concrete rigging of bridge side legs was realized. The side of the bridge and the creek, pedestrian and auto railings were made. 11 beams were placed on the legs of the bridge during the project works. The bridge, which has a more modern appearance than the old one, began to serve citizens with a length of 33 meters and a width of 11 meters.


Within the scope of the works for the expansion of the narrow river bed, the old bridge over the river was destroyed and a new one was built. The river bed was expanded to 32,5 meters. Stream bed expansion is expected to prevent flooding and floods in the region.


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