CHP Tekirdag Deputy Aygun Train Accidents are the result of neglect

chp tekirdag deputy aygun lived train accidents are the result of neglect
chp tekirdag deputy aygun lived train accidents are the result of neglect

In the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 2020 budget talks in the CHP Tekirdag Deputy Dr. İlhami Özcan Aygun recalled the Çorlu Train Accident and Ankara High Speed ​​Accidents and said, istif Resignations occur after these accidents all over the world. In the case of us, everyone who is in tune is in charge ”.


11 mortal and hundreds of injuries during the AK Party reminiscent of the major train accidents Aygun, recently in Çorlu Sarılar 8 July 2018'deki train accident 25 citizen lost their lives, 13 December 2018 citizens died in Ankara 9 fast train accident . Gun All accidents are the result of neglect. The fact that these accidents cannot be prevented and continued shows that the Ministry of Transport and TCDD have not taken any courses. The fact that the former General Manager, who was involved in these accidents, is rewarded with a deputy is an indication of this ”. Çorlu 1. Aygun stated that the decision of the Expert Panel was renewed in the case that started in the High Criminal Court. But this Delegation has not been accepted in the conscience of the nation. As a result, the Court has asked for the formation of a new Expert Panel Hey. Aygun, the new Expert Panel by listing all the negligence related to the accident, senior managers are expected to reveal the responsibility of the accident, he stressed.


T I am responsible for the 250 bridge and the 2 bin 500 culvert. I can't find workers and craftsmen. Aygun pointed out the description of the direction, "We see that other staff also complained about the inadequacy of road guards. 11 has a thousand 394 kilometers iron network. You need the 1.200 road keeper. Will you get a new road guard? U he asked. Aygun, TCDD and the General Directorate of Meteorology will work in coordination and pointed out that there is no staff to evaluate instant rainfall, "Now provide this coordination," he said. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan could not explain. (Hüseyin GÖKÇELİ - Çerkezköyexpress)

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