Channel Istanbul Strategic Plan Announced

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Strategic Plan Announced; The Ministry of Transport announced that it is planned to complete the 2023 percent of the Kanal Istanbul project by 60. The cost of the project will be TL 75 billion.

The Ministry of Transport has announced the strategic plan of Kanal Istanbul, which scientists call a ım demolition project..

75 announced that the project will be made at a cost of TL billion 60 percent of the project is expected to be completed by the year 2023 said. The length of the channel will be 40 kilometers, 150 meters in width and 25 meters in depth.

With the completion of the project, two new peninsulas and a new island will be formed in Istanbul. The new residential area to be built around Canal Istanbul will cover 453 million square meters.

According to the plan detailing the part of the project until 2023, the first year of the project will be spent in preparation. 10 percent in the second year, 20 percent in the third year, 30 percent in the fourth year and 60 percent in the fifth year.

TMMOB previously announced that the project should be canceled immediately, Professor. Dr. Naci Görür said that the risk of earthquakes will increase along with Canal Istanbul. Görür said from his social media account, “Istanbul expects an earthquake. If the expected earthquake occurs, the Marmara mouth of the Channel will be affected by the intensity of 9-10. It is possible that a structure with zero tolerance to horizontal and vertical movement such as a channel can be seriously damaged by the earthquake. ”

Map of Kanal Istanbul

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