Sakarya Public Transport Drivers Certified Program

certified program for public transportation vehicles of sakarya
certified program for public transportation vehicles of sakarya

The bus drivers working within the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality have the İçi Occupational Competence Certificate of the Public Transportation Bus Driver in the City la organized in cooperation with SESOB.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Public Transportation Branch Directorate within the body of the bus drivers working in cooperation with SESOB 'City Public Transportation Bus Driver Professional Qualification Certificate' is the owner. Previously, 111 bus drivers were certified and 35 bus drivers were tested for Vocational Qualification Certificate.

Getting certificate

In a statement made by the Directorate of Public Transportation, “We are continuing our efforts for our personnel working in public transportation. With the Association of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Sakarya, we have ensured that our drivers participate in both theoretical and practical exams in order to obtain the İçi Occupational Competence Certificate for the City Bus Driver İçi. in exams; knowledge, skills and competencies were measured and our drivers were certified. This certification process, which is targeted to increase service quality, standardization and smooth transportation with qualified bus drivers, will always continue and we will achieve maximum satisfaction. ”

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