Bursa should be connected to the national railway network as soon as possible

must be connected to the national railway network as soon as possible
must be connected to the national railway network as soon as possible

It should be connected to Bursa National Railway Network as soon as possible; Chairman of the Railway Lovers Association and former Republican People's Party 22-23th Period Bursa Deputy Kemal Demirel, together with the board of directors of the Association of Bursa Commodity Exchange Chairman and TOBB Board Member Ozer Matli visited.

During the visit, it was pointed out that the connection of Bursa to the national railway network was “a must kent for the city and the benefit of continuing the initiatives to complete the project as soon as possible was discussed.


Kemal Demirel, Chairman of the Railway Lovers Association, stated that Bursa's access to railway transportation is delayed and there is not enough resources for the project. According to the information I received, experts in this business, if enough funds are given, until 2020 by the end of the train can come to Bursa, they say. When we say that it will end in 2016, it will end in 2019, we have come to this day. Now we need only 1 year of hard work and allowance for these jobs. ”

Demirel underlined that Bursa expressed its longing for train on every platform and said, uz We do not conduct a political study. People of all views agree on the pros that Bursa's railroad will provide. We demand political will to take these demands into consideration. Within this framework, we also visited the Chairman of Bursa Commodity Exchange. He is also a TOBB Board Member. ”


Bursa Commodity Exchange President Ozer Matli, Kemal Demirel's long-term high-speed train struggle that they follow with interest in the visit, stated that the railway transportation to Bursa is really very important. Matlı stated that they would make an effort to raise the demand for priority completion of the Bursa railway project on various platforms in Ankara, particularly TOBB, and that it is important to create a comprehensive information note on this issue and to understand the present and direct the future of the project.

Kemal Demirel, the Chairman of the Railway Lovers Association, thanked Özer Matlı, the Chairman of the Commodity Exchange and TOBB Board of Directors, for his support and sensitivity for the train activities in Bursa.


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