Bursa Yediemin Car Parks and Warehouses Gather in One Center

Bursa Yediemin Car Parks and Warehouses Gather in One Center
Bursa Yediemin Car Parks and Warehouses Gather in One Center

Bursa Trustee Car Parkers and Tow Truck Association, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the contribution of the project to be implemented in different points of the city trustee depots and parking lots will be collected in a single center outside the city and thus the city center will be saved from the image pollution. Bursa Yediemin Car Parkers and Tow Truckers President and executives thanked Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş for their support to the project.

Bursa Yediemin Car Parkers and Attractors Association, which includes 50 trustees operating in the city center of Bursa, took action to gather all trustees' warehouses and parking lots in one center. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş's search for a place for the projects that are among the promises of the election, the most important support for the management of the Association came from the Metropolitan Municipality. Approximately 100 acres in Başköy area were rented to the association for the realization of the project as soon as possible. Thanks to the metropolitan municipality found the solution to the problem of the location of the Bursa Yediemin Car Parkers and Tractors Association President Huseyin Yildiz and association managers, to thank the Mayor Alinur Aktas visited.

154 Million Missing

Hüseyin Yıldız, President of Bursa Yediemin Car Parkers and Attractors Association, shared the details of the project with Mayor Aktaş, which will have 5 thousand square meters closed storage area and 100 thousand vehicle capacity in the car park. Stating that there is a parking garage with a capacity of 50 thousand vehicles operating in 10 different points in the center of Bursa, Yıldız said that there is a material loss of 154 million TL per year due to the abandonment of vehicles and belongings that are left to rot due to lack of pursuit and apathy. Yıldız, reminding that there will be offices for the clerks who follow up the security, financial cashier and foreclosed goods in the project they will prepare, “All transactions will be done in a single point. Close the debt, the citizen of the vehicle will take action immediately. Again, the debt will not be paid for the sale of the vehicles will be accelerated so that vehicles and materials, decay and be wasted will be prevented. This project will be a first in Turkey. Most importantly, this project will prevent the appearance of junk yard due to abandoned vehicles in the city center parking lots. Our Metropolitan Municipality helped us with the location. I would like to thank our President in this regard ”.

Stars, the first dig in February to hit the project, they aim to complete by the end of 2020, he added.

Will Add Value to Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, will add value to the city, recalling that they contribute to each project will improve quality of life, to sign a project will be an example to Turkey celebrates prepared in association management. Mayor Aktaş stated that the vehicles that were pulled into the parking lot after being executed and returned to scrapping because they were not taken back by the owner, caused the image pollution. Ak This project is very important in both aspects. First, there will no longer be such a view of junkyard parking garages in the center. Secondly, due to non-tracked vehicles and materials a loss of 154 million pounds per year is mentioned. This loss will be prevented by performing the transactions in a single center and quickly. I wish the project will be beneficial for Bursa ”.



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