Increase Bursa Public Transport Fees! New Tariff Effective From 1 January

increase public transportation fees
increase public transportation fees

Bursa Public Transportation Fees! Students were excluded from the new regulation on public transport prices in Bursa on 1 January 2020. Thus, 4 years ago, 1,5 TL applied in the last two years of student subway board price reduced to 2 TL, while in 1,35 will not increase the price and students will travel even cheaper than the price 2020 years ago.

In addition to modernization of public transportation vehicles in order to turn public transportation in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement economic tariffs and has signed a new tariff which will be effective as of 1 January 2020. Students who use public transportation intensively will be excluded from the new tariff, while students will travel even cheaper than the tariff applied in 2016. As will be remembered, the price of student subway boarding, which was 2016 TL in 1,5, was reduced to 2 TL 1,35 years ago. In the new regulation, it was decided to continue the price application of 1,35 TL. Despite the increase in fuel, personnel and maintenance costs up to 4 percent in the last 64 years, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its student-friendly transportation policy with determination.

Regulation below the minimum wage increase rate

The new price tariff based on the cost increase that will be implemented on January 1, was created especially for low-income citizens and students. Transportation price increase rates are kept below the minimum wage increase rate for adults, while student prices have not been touched. With the new arrangement, the full ride to the Metro was 2.90 TL and a discount of 2,55 TL. With the arrangement, the long line was organized as 3,80 TL and the short line was 3 TL. Monthly full subscription increased by 11 percent was determined as 200 TL. Student subscription price was kept constant at 90 TL. With the BursaKart mobile application and Bursakart website in the new year, transactions such as balance loading, visa, balance viewing, subscription renewal can be made online from all internet sites. Bursa citizens are often victims of improper card use penalties will be applied with a 50 percent discount. The new prices will be effective from 1 January 2020.

Discount rate for university students

In the meantime, students who have graduated from the last year of high school in the 2018 - 2019 academic year will be able to benefit from the discounted tariff for 1 year during which they cannot win the university or prepare for exams for another year to study a different department.

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