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shipping companies from russia
shipping companies from russia

Although many forms of transportation come to mind when it comes to transportation, the predominant method of transportation is the road transport by truck. Our company has been carrying out both domestic and international truck transportation activities in many provinces of our country for many years. Our company is actively working with all of 81 in the country and it is working effectively in all of Europe, Asia and Middle East countries in international transportation. Our company, which is one of the most active countries in international transportation, is able to provide sufficient transportation service with its wide fleet of vehicles in export and import transportation.

Our country is also engaged in logistics activities Shipping to russia Our company is one of the rare companies which can provide complete and partial transportation service with Turkish and foreign plate trucks and offers complete delivery service to all cities of Russia, capital city of Moscow, and complete customs delivery service in partial transportation.

Our company, which is among the rare organizations that carry out full-scale international transportation business with cargo transportation authorization certificate, truck report card and cmr insurance, also provides trouble-free service to its customers in areas such as heavy gauge transport, refrigerated transport, container transport. Due to the limitation of dozval of Turkish vehicles in Russian transport, limited number of documents are exhausted in a short time, so it is necessary to transport with foreign plate trucks. Our company is able to organize enough vehicles to cover this gap with Russian plate trucks connected to its agencies in Russia.

who serves as a convenient transportation services to freight transport by road regulations has signed a pretty good job of Mersin Turkey-Russia Transport logistics line, has made a name for itself in many projects in his carriage. Transport companies in Russia Our company, which also has the title of the most preferred logistics company, responds to all written and verbal transportation requests from its customers in the shortest possible time with its experienced operation team working with the understanding of 7 / 24. offers.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Konya Transportation

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