Bolu High Speed ​​Train

bolulu citizens wants yht
bolulu citizens wants yht

High Speed ​​Train, which has been planned for years, has come up once again. Bolulu citizens once again on the agenda of the city of the YHT line and this time to pass this train to the authorities to invite the authorities, the train wanted to stop at Bolu stop.

Bolu EventAccording to the report of Volkan Yilmaz; Yüksek The issue of the High Speed ​​Train planned on the Ankara-Sincan-Çayırhan-Sakarya-Istanbul route came up again. Dean of the Construction Department of Duzce University, Faculty of Technology, indicating that the train line that will be built on this route and will connect 3 provinces to each other is at a loss to the state. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar stated that this line should be built on the Ankara-Kızılcahamam-Gerede-Bolu-Düzce-Hendek-Sakarya-İzmit-Gebze-İstanbul route. This project Samand, indicating that Turkey was directly related to the development of "This YHT line is directly associated with the development of Turkey. Istanbul Izmit Sakarya Duzce Bolu Ankara MPs and Provincial Presidents should act together. This project is the most important project of our country. 50 million people will benefit from this project annually. Since this project will pay for 15-20 years, it is suitable for build-operate transfer. İstanbul Gebze İzmit Sakarya Hendek Düzce Bolu Gerede Ankara line will touch 6 provinces and 3 districts. These provinces and districts will meet each other with fast and safe transportation. The line planned by the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) connects 3 provinces: Ankara, Sakarya and Istanbul. This project pays off for 70 years. According to Japanese academics, it never pays off. ”


Şamandar stated that thanks to this project, tourists will flock to Bolu and Düzce every weekend thanks to the train line that will pass through the city center and Gerede district. Tourism agricultural industry will develop a lot. Karabük Bartın Kastamonu Sinop Samsun and even all the Black Sea provinces will be included in the system from Gerede. Zonguldak Ereğli Akçakoca will be included in the system from Düzce. Provinces in the Black Sea will come to Gerede by bus. They will reach Istanbul in 40 hours by high speed train. As for Gerede, they will be as if they came to Istanbul. Cities will get closer to each other ”.


Şamandar stated that the lives of the cities on the proposed route and the lives of the citizens living in these cities will change. Hayatı The life of everyone living on the high speed train route that we recommend will change. If this project is made, we will make at least 800 million dollars profit from diesel and gasoline. There will be a reduction in traffic accidents and environmental pollution. We will save time in transportation. There will be ease of transportation in case of accidents and disasters during construction of YHT line which is close to 2 active highways. Hospitals in the cities in the region will be sufficient for emergency response in case of possible bad conditions. All accounts show that the Ankara Gerede Bolu Düzce Hendek Sakarya İzmit Gebze Istanbul line is more productive ”.


Şamandar stated that the project they have proposed pays for itself in 15-20 years. “YHT is an expensive investment. There are 125000 passengers per day on the Istanbul-Gebze-Izmit-Sakarya-Hendek-Düzce-Bolu -Gerede- Ankara route. The project pays for itself in 15-20 years. TCDD's Istanbul Sakarya Ankara route, the passenger daily 46000 people. There is also a North Anatolian fault line in Mudurnu, which pays off in 60 years.

Finally, Turkey's YHT in line to win a single currency Istanbul Gebze Izmit Ditch Sakarya Duzce Bolu Gerede Ankara line was stated that Samand, "400 million people 30 km from Turkey's experience that there is another region," he said.

In addition, the Rector of Duzce University. Dr. Nigar Demircan Cakar President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 'talked on this issue prepared the file presented.


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