Balıkesir Countryside Built Safe Bridges

balikesir countryside made secure bridges
balikesir countryside made secure bridges

Safe bridges were built in Balıkesir countryside; The Hungarians-Karamanlar and Nusret-Kepsut stream bridges, which are in great danger of use, were destroyed by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and rebuilt as safe and double lane. Thanks to the bridges opened to traffic, transportation between the neighborhoods has been shortened and secured.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs continues to work in rural neighborhoods. Completed its life in the central district of the district of the Hungarian Hungarians connected to the district of the bridge connecting the neighborhood of Karamanlar neighborhood and connected to the district center of Balikesir Kepsut'a bridge connecting the district center has been renewed. The bridges, which are of great importance for the citizens living in the region, were demolished and rebuilt by Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality and made safer and more functional.

The bridge connecting the Hungarians Quarter and Karamanlar roads is of critical importance as it provides transportation to many villages, while the bridge connecting the Kepsut district and Balıkesir center from the Nusret Quarter to the old narrow state was expanded and made more useful.


12 meters wide 61 meters long double lane, which was built by the Hungarians and Karamanlar'ın connecting the bridge on both sides of the bridge by pedestrians can be used safely opened to traffic. With the opening of the bridge to the traffic, the Hungarians' Neighborhood became more accessible to many villages.


The single lane bridge which provides transportation to the Nusret rural neighborhood and presents a great danger at the same time, is double lane by teams of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs; 12 meter width 30 meter length was opened to traffic by pedestrian sidewalk on both sides.

Completion of the construction of the bridges and traffic to the people of the region before the upcoming winter has aroused great joy.



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