Antalya Tram Car Purchase Tender Result

antalya tram car purchase tender result
antalya tram car purchase tender result

2019 companies submitted bids for the Antalya 580936 Phase Tramway Vehicle Purchase and Start-up Tender of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, with the approximate cost of 225.000.000/3 KIK, and with a bid of 2 TL according to the uncertain result. Bozankaya Inc. kazanIs Her.

The companies that bid for the tender and their offers are as follows;

1-Bozankaya Inc. 210.000.000 TL
2-Durmazlar Machinery Industry and Trade Inc. 276.000.000 TL

The tender covers the works of 15 Tramway, Spare Parts, Training, 3 Annual Maintenance and Supply of Special Equipments.

Antalya Tram Vehicle Purchase Tender Conditions

The total duration of the work (the period from the beginning of the work to the date of temporary acceptance of the whole work) is 24 months. Within this period, all work items subject to the contract will be completed and temporary acceptance of the whole work will be made. DELIVERY PROGRAM: The first two vehicles from the date of commencement are 14. Monthly Design will be completed, assembled and factory tests will be finished in Antalya Warehouse Site will be downloaded and the remaining vehicles will be delivered under the same conditions according to the following program; 14. 2 car 15 per month. 2 car 16 per month. 2 car 17 per month. 3 car 18 per month. 3 car 19 per month. 3 vehicles per month With the exception of the delivery time of the first two vehicles, delivery times of other vehicles may be re-arranged with the approval of the Contracting Entity, subject to the contractor's production plan. In accordance with the aforementioned Delivery Program, work program including design, type tests, manufacturing stages, FAT tests, transportation, commissioning tests, passenger / passenger test operation certification, delivery of spare parts, special tools, training, preparation and completion of documents, 15 shall be held within the day after the commencement date and shall be approved by the Administration.

The preparation and completion of the Design Documents must be completed before the Manufacturing of the tools begins. Training, Maintenance / Repair, Operating Manuals, Illustrated Parts Catalogs must be completed before Provisional Acceptance. Spare parts and special tools must be brought to the warehouse site before the temporary acceptance. Spare Parts and special equipment will be shipped to the “peyder pey” Antalya Warehouse in parallel with the vehicle delivery program and delivered and all of the Spare Parts and Special Equipment will be delivered before the Provisional Acceptance. In the event that deliveries of Spare Parts and special equipment do not take place prior to the Provisional Acceptance, the non-delivery part will be subject to a penalty of delay according to Article 34.2 of the Contract.

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