Another Good News for Antalya Students in Public Transportation

another good news to the students of Antalya
another good news to the students of Antalya

Mayor Böcek pleases students' decision Graduates of high school will benefit from 1 year discount

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has signed a series of decisions that will delight students. With the arrangement made by UKOME with the instruction of President Muhittin Böcek, the students who graduated from high school will be able to use a discount card for 1 more year during the preparation to university. UKOME also made a student discount on public transportation vehicles in Kemer, Serik, Manavgat and Gazipaşa after Alanya. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, which makes the use of 5 cubic meters of water free for university students, and then reduces its public transportation from 2.25 lira to 1.80 lira in Alanya, continues to make decisions that will make students happy. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) decided to continue using the discounted public transportation card for another year after graduation, upon the instruction of Mayor Muhittin Böcek.


UKOME also applied discounts on public transport price tariffs for students in 4 districts after Alanya. Kemer, Serik, Manavgat, 2.25 pounds for the student fee 2 pounds, 2.50 pounds in Gazipaşa public transport price was reduced to 2 pounds.


Mayor Muhittin Böcek wished the new UKOME resolutions and the discounted prices available on public buses to be beneficial to all students and said, gençler The young people whom Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has entrusted our future are very valuable for us. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya, we continue to provide our contribution to continue their education. We have already taken the discount decision for 4 districts in Alanya. We did not forget our young people preparing for university. After high school, they will benefit from another year of discount. We will continue to work and support our students and young people. ”

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