Ankaray Chairs How Do You Think?

how do you think ankaray seats
how do you think ankaray seats

Ankaray Chairs How Do You Think ?; Due to the density of passengers on the trains of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of EGO, it is planned to make seat arrangement in order to provide more spacious transportation by expanding the area in the trains. Your ideas are valuable to us….

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About Ankaray

Ankaray is one of the underground railway lines in Ankara. The length of the line is 9,5 kilometers and there are even 11 stations.

Ankara's first light rail system Ankaray, which was started to be built on 7 April 1992 in order to meet the increasing transportation demand of Ankara, was completed on August 30, 1996 and put into service on the AŞTİ-Dikimevi route. With the opening of M2, a station has not yet been connected to Söğütözü, which is under construction.

Ankaray Stations

  • ASTI
  • Emek
  • Bahçelievler
  • Besevler
  • Anadolu
  • Maltepe
  • Red Crescent
  • Demirtepe
  • Rail
  • Kurtulus
  • Dressmaker

Map of Ankaray


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