Ankara Traffic Will Breathe

ankara traffic will breathe
ankara traffic will breathe

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its road renewal and expansion works in many points in order to ease traffic and solve the transportation problem throughout the capital.

Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs teams, Bilkent İhsan Doğramacı Boulevard started 1,5 months ago asphalt renovation and expansion of certain points by completing work, opened the road to traffic.


Bilkent İhsan Doğramacı Boulevard, which is heavily used by capitalists, renewed the asphalt of the existing road and increased the lane according to the structure and suitability of the road.

The teams started to work on İhsan Doğramacı Boulevard on November 14 and completed it in a short time. worked 7/24 to provide traffic to the driver and to provide a smoother and safer traffic flow for drivers.

Asphalt laying of additional lanes on the boulevard will be completed in spring.

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