Ankara Private Public Bus and Private Public Transport Vehicle Drivers Training

ankara private public bus and private public transport drivers training
ankara private public bus and private public transport drivers training

Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara Private Public Buses (ÖHO) Chamber of Tradesmen and Public Buses Responsible for Local and Adjacent Area Public Buses In order to increase citizen satisfaction with the cooperation of Highway Passenger Transport Cooperative, Private Public Bus (ÖHO) and Private Public Transportation Vehicle (ELV) Development Training Seminar ”.

EGO General Directorate of Service Improvement and Corporate Development Department, Bus Management Department and Human Resources and Education Department and hosted by the Department. Dr. In the seminar given by Üstün Dökmen; drivers were informed about effective communication with citizens, motivation techniques, stress and anger control and courtesy rules.


ÖHO drivers were also included in the seminar program which was organized in order to increase the quality of service in public transportation vehicles.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they take into consideration the requests and complaints of citizens as well as strengthening the motivation of private public bus drivers and private public transport vehicle drivers with the following words:

Iz We are working hard to improve the services provided in public transportation. The requests and complaints received from all communication channels, especially the call center Alo 153 Blue Table of our Municipality, are evaluated by the municipal authorities and made accordingly. In this context, especially in relation to Private Public Buses to treat citizens, especially elderly and disabled citizens to exhibit complaints such as exhibiting unpleasant attitudes. Dear friends while driving, you want to put yourself in that citizen's place. Your spouse, child, mother, father. ”


Professor and author of psychology and personal development for many years. Dr. Üstün Dökmen made important shares in the interactive training he gave to 500 ÖHO drivers.

Dökmen, who supports his expressions with theatrical play, stated that not only the drivers but also the citizens should be educated. “The Metropolitan Municipality organizes these seminars for the education of the drivers, but the public also needs to be educated. Everyone has to follow the rules. We shouldn't be aggressive. We'il talk in language. Drivers should learn, citizens too, ”he said.

Ercan Soydaş, Head of the Chamber of Tradesmen of Ankara Private Public Buses, who attended the training said, “The care taken by the Metropolitan Municipality is extremely important especially in the selection of teachers. Our friends listened carefully to Üstün Hoca. Hopefully we will get the efficiency we want and see the benefits on the field. I would like to thank our EGO General Directorate, departments and Mayor. Together, we will strive to reduce complaints and maximize passenger satisfaction. ”

Muhammet Özdemir, Member of the Board of Directors of the Local Bus and Public Adjacent Public Buses Road Passenger Transportation Cooperative, said, de I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this important training, especially our Mayor, Metropolitan Municipality. We will definitely reflect the education we receive to the service we provide to our citizens ”.


While the training attack was continuing in all units of the Metropolitan Municipality, BUGSAŞ A.Ş. of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality signed a training program for its employees.

BUGSAŞ A.Ş Public Relations and Training Department participated in the training program entitled “Stress Management, Anger Control and Communication Skills kapsayan which includes the General Directorate and AŞTİ employees.

Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Communication, organized at AŞTİ Conference Hall. Dr. In the training given by Abdülrezak Altun; methods of coping with stress, use of body language and protocol rules were explained one by one.

Orhan Özbek, working as a security officer at BUGSAŞ, said, uz We are expecting the continuation of the trainings that are very useful for us,, while the operator of the power plant, Cihad Kaya, said: bu We have learned the subjects we do not know with this training. ”

Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Ankara University, which draws attention to the importance of providing educational support and correct communication to the employees of the institutions. Dr. Abdülrezak Altun said, “Most of the friends who worked at night, especially from the shift, were here. Although they were tired, they actively participated in the training. I think that such activities are important and I would like to thank everyone who contributed. ”

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