Ankara Malatya 4 September Blue Train Schedules Must Restart

ankara malatya september blue train services should start again
ankara malatya september blue train services should start again

AK Party deputy Malatya Hakan Kahtalı, Malatya Branch President of the Rail-Business Union Hikmet Kazgan visited the good luck.

Deputy Kahtalı, along with the party members of the Demir-Yol İş Union Malatya Branch President Hikmet Kazgan selected recently visited his office and wished you get better.

Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, Union President Hikmet Kazgan thanked AK Party Malatya Deputy Hakan Kahtalı and said, uz We always appreciate our deputy. We always follow and support closely with honesty and hard work. ”

Kazgan said that civil society organizations and politics are always together, and the AK Party attaches importance to this sensitivity as long as it is in power. Kazgan, also stopping flights to Malatya 4 September Blue Train is also a major shortcoming, "Siirt Kurtalan Express now, but the room is very busy, so we want to bring the blue train again," he said.

MP Kahtalı stated that they had a close friendship with Kazgan and 30 who were elected as the President of the Union and wished him success in his new position. Kahtalı said, “Our Railway-Is Union has important efforts to protect the rights of the workers working in the added value added point of our Malatya. They have always been in support of the investments to be made in our city by working in harmony with our government. Hikmet Kazgan believe that our brother will be very successful in this task ”.

Kahtalı, 4 September Blue Train again on behalf of the deputies as they are on the subject of stating that they are closely following the rapid train infrastructure in the region with the end of the voyages, he said.

Kahtalı stated that Malatya is also included in the high-speed train network and that the work is continuing in this context. I hope we will have completed most of the high speed train network at 2023. ”

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