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The transport sector has been at the forefront of necessity in the past and present, and is in a very important position in terms of the sectors that are still in the forefront and that will maintain the same importance in the future. Transport means that all production items and goods that come to mind are shipped from one place to another. Since the transportation needs of our growing and developing world have been higher than usual, it becomes very difficult to find transportation companies or provide vehicle organization for transportation.

Although various methods have been used to overcome this difficulty, the idea of ​​working over the internet, which has become the fastest and most convenient way of transportation and access in the developing and changing world, is the most appropriate method that it can find in the transportation sector. Current loads and the web portals that were created by making studies on the announcement of the empty vehicles have created the opportunity for both the exporting manufacturers to find empty vehicles for their cargoes and also to find the cargo for the trucks and trucks of the transportation companies whose vehicles are wasted. These web pages, also called freight and free vehicle exchanges, are often a problem because they offer paid membership and limited and limited opportunities. The web site Shipping Guide, which was established for the service of the parties, has many differences in terms of similar pages and because of these differences, it has become the most preferred page of the companies.

In order to act in the field of domestic transportation and international transportation, all freight and empty vehicle advertisements can be published free of charge since the day it was established, the Transportation Guide has been providing free service to its users and members. it is. Dormitories that non-export and transport organizations in carrying that burden and is directed especially in recent times Turkey Uzbekistan Uzbekistan line logistics line has become a major attraction in the area. Shipping companies Uzbekistan Our web site, where our producers and industrialists who export to this country can be contacted by taking mutual results to their loads and vehicles, continues to grow and develop day by day, and is constantly updated in order to provide better and better quality service to its members.

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