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sah logistics

Our country, whose foreign trade history dates back to very old times, has accelerated with the moves of opening up to abroad in recent times. kazanThe company has expanded its export activities to Africa and America, which are overseas continents after Asia, Europe and the Middle East countries, and has brought its commercial relations with all the countries of the world to important stages. Since the regional studies are more intense in some countries, we have more commercial activities in Europe within the scope of export and import with Germany.

Many companies operating in our country are leading the demands of the logistics companies arising from the increase in our shopping with European countries, especially in the port cities where our production is intense and there are transit areas. Within this scope, Shipping companies Germany Although our company has the capability and equipment to transport all kinds of products, our company Şah Global Logistics is carrying out partial trucking operations in Germany with regular regular departures with complete truck transportation. Our company also offers highly effective services in areas such as heavy transport, container transport and open cargo transportation in Germany, and is able to respond to all requests in a positive way, which is different from other competitors. With these differences, we are among the primary preferences of our manufacturers, exporters and importers.

Our Turkish and foreign companies that are engaged in import and export shipments plate with tractors can perform their work with determination but also from Germany to Turkey as a transit pass over the extensive freight operations overflow third countries. Germany transportations Our company, which is highly experienced in the field, moves all of the vehicles loaded by Şah Global Logistics under the control and supervision of the experienced drivers under the cmr insurance and completes the whole process developing from the moment of loading to the destination of delivery in a controlled, healthy and safe way. Our company has been working with customer satisfaction and sensitivity in mind. Since the first day of its establishment, our company has been making efforts without making any concessions from the principles it has put forward in favor of its customers, and has been providing seamless transportation support services to its customers with its highly experienced operation team.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Mersin Container Shipping

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