What You Need to Know About Eastern Express Journey

What you need to know about east express voyage
What you need to know about east express voyage

Considering that iron networks are the most important transportation route in the early years of the Republic, it is a good development that the Eastern Express is on the agenda again. Especially macerapErest, we have compiled what you wonder about the Eastern Express, which arouses curiosity in the younger generation and nostalgia in the higher generation.

East Express Train Ticket

It is not easy to find a ticket, even though the East Express train ticket goes on sale one month before the TCDD website. It is useful to follow the history and act quickly.

As a result of the increasing interest in the East Express, the Touristic East Express, including only the sleeping car and the restaurant, was included. While the East Express continues to be of great interest, the addition of the sleeping wagons to the Touristic East Express and the expensive touristic East Express tickets cause the East Express to attract great interest.

With the approach of the New Year and the arrival of the winter season, the increasing demands were reflected in the ticket prices. 480, 600 pounds for double people are offered for sale. 20% discount is provided for round-trip and 'young ticket' buyers on both trains to get discounted tickets. Young people between the ages of 13-26 can benefit from this 'young ticket' discount. In addition, teachers, military passengers, groups of at least 12 people, people with press cards, disabled people, children between the ages of 12-18 and TCDD retired spouse 20 percent discount, 65 percent discount over 50 and TCDD employee free travel opportunities are offered. .

East Express Ticket Prices

Ankara to Kars Pulman

  • full (with seat)
  • young 49.50 TL
  • Over 65 TL
  • With Bundle 78,00 TL
  • young and over 60 years old 69.50 TL
  • 65 years and child 49.00 TL

East Express Route and Train Time

  • The train journey starts from Ankara and ends in Kars. This journey takes a little more than 24 hours. It reaches Kars by passing through the main city routes such as Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum.
  • If the 1-day train journey is long, you can buy your ticket in the form of Erzurum-Kars.
  • The stopping time of the train in big cities does not exceed 10-15 minutes, and the intermediate stops do not exceed 5 minutes.

Accommodation on the Eastern Express

  • Pulman: Normal seat wagon type pulley is arranged as a row of double seats and a row of single seats. It will be much more tiring for the East Express ride, so bunk or bed wagons will be much more comfortable.
  • Covered Bunks: 4-seat seats in the compartment consists of the seats turn into a bed. If you prefer to travel in a veiled bundle and your number is not 4 people, you may buy someone you do not know the other seats. If you don't want to travel with others, you can buy all the seats or opt for a sleeper.
  • Bed: In the 2-person compartment model, bunk type consists of two beds with top and bottom. The compartment includes a socket, table, sink and a mini fridge. If you are going to take this trip from Ankara to Kars, we recommend that you stay in the sleeping compartment.

Comfort and Hygiene in the Eastern Express

  • Since the Eastern Express trains are not the latest model trains, it is worth knowing that they are a little old and worn wagons. Packed in bunk and bed wagons, clean bedding sets are distributed and renewed each time. Since the pillows are not washed every trip, they may not satisfy sensitive people. If you wish, you can take your pillow with you.
  • Toilets are immaculate especially during the East Express journey. The toilets of the pulley section and the toilets of the bedded / covered bunks are separate. Hygiene as well as bed and bunks are much cleaner. Towards the end of the journey, it is useful to know that the hygiene quality of the toilet has decreased slightly.
  • There is no separate compartment for luggage, so you need to keep it in the compartment.
  • Compartments are hot on winter trips. Thanks to the panels in each room, room temperature can be determined according to demand.
  • The pulley section has no sockets, and the sleeper has 2 sockets.
  • There is no Wi-Fi service on the train. At some points during the journey, internet and mobile network does not attract.
  • It is useful to know that the use of a water heater is prohibited because it damages the fuses.

Eating and Drinking in the Eastern Express

  • The restaurant is run by a private business. The menu includes soups, snacks, olive oil and grilled dishes.
  • Meals are heated and served in the microwave.
  • Although the tablecloths are not immaculate, the service and meals are extremely clean.
  • Sometimes there are minor faults in the electrical system, in which case food cannot be served or interrupted. Considering these situations, you should take food and drinks with you.
  • Credit card passes in the restaurant, but when the internet is not moving on the train can be a problem. So paying your account with cash will make your job easier.
  • When it comes to the Eastern Express, it is now a ritual to order "cag kebab on the train". You can place an order by calling one of the famous kebab restaurants of the city 30-45 minutes before approaching Erzurum. Even though the train officers remind you of approaching Erzurum, when you arrive at Aşkale, if you call and place your order, you will have come across the exact time. It is useful to know that kebabs are not very hot.
  • Since there is no alcohol sale in the train restaurant, you should bring your drink with you.

Most importantly, Road Scenes!

  • The most beautiful views on the East Express train journey begin with the sunrise. We advise you to set your alarm and wake up at around 06:30.
  • If you want to capture the most beautiful pictures, you can go to the back of the train, the wagon movements on the road curves and the scenery of the snow-covered nature offer beautiful squares.

What you need to take with you on the Eastern Express Journey

  • Clean linens are distributed, but you can also bring your own bedding.
  • You may also want to use your own pillow case, even if the pillowcase is being delivered. As we mentioned above, you may want to use a two-layer cover as the pillows do not change in every use, such as bed linen.
  • Even if you adjust the temperature of the compartments yourself, the room temperature can be warmer than you think in winter. That's why it's a good idea to put some spare T-shirts in your suitcase.
  • Always put paper towels and toilet paper in your luggage. In the later stages of the journey, these materials may be consumed on the train, which may cause difficulties. We recommend you to take wet wipes with you.
  • As mentioned above, the kitchen's electrical circuits, problems, packaged snacks, such as not thinking about the possibility of food and drink stock do not forget to do.
  • If you want to drink something hot in your compartment, we recommend that you buy a kettle. Hot water service on the train may be disrupted.
  • Have cardboard cups for your hot and cold drinks.
  • Since there is no sale of alcohol, you need to bring your drink with you.
  • Although there are 1 sockets in the compartment and 2 sockets in the bed, it is convenient to have a triple socket if you have more than one electrical device.
  • Since the trash cans in the compartments are small, do not forget to take your trash bag with you.

East Express Map and Stations


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