Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Project Introduced to the Public

Sakarya Nostalgic tram project was introduced to the public
Sakarya Nostalgic tram project was introduced to the public

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Yüce announced the Nostalgic Tram Project to the public. Mayor Yüce said, ile With the Nostalgic Tram, we are planning a completely different city image from the New Mosque to the National Garden. Nostalgic Tram will operate on the most beautiful streets and streets of our city and the sounds of the tram will resound. ” Mayor Ekrem Yüce gave the good news that the foundation of 24 new schools with 2 classrooms will be laid on 31 December and shared the new transportation projects of the city with the members of the press.

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Yüce explained the details of Nostalgic Tram Project to the public. Besides the national and local press representatives, Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Secretary General Mustafa Ak, district mayors, SATSO President Akgün Altuğ, SESOB President Hasan Alişan, Commodity Exchange President Adem Sarı, President of the Federation of Mukhtars Erdal Erdem, council members, room presidents, artisans, metropolitan and SASKI bureaucrats took part. Mayor Ekrem Yüce said that the Nostalgic Tram project would suit the city. The prepared animation film was presented to the participants.

Nostalgic Tram will combine past and future

President Ekrem Yüce, who wished the Nostalgic Tram project to be beneficial for Sakarya and thanked the participants individually, said, “First of all, I would like to start my words by expressing that the Nostalgic Tram will make an important contribution to the aesthetics of the city. A new dimension to the aesthetics and beauty of our city kazanwe want to climb. With the Nostalgic Tram, we are planning a completely different city image, from the New Mosque to the People's Garden. Çark Caddesi is a historical street identified with the city. The National Garden will be one of the modern symbols of our city and one of the symbols of its future. Nostalgic Tram, the past on Çark Street, as if you have traveled through time; It will unite it with the future in the People's Garden. The Nostalgic Tram will run on the most beautiful streets and streets of our city. Tram sounds will echo in the streets of our city,” he said.

Street and street renovations add beauty to the city

Mayor Ekrem Yüce shared information about the completed, ongoing and planned works at the project introduction meeting and said: ik We turned Lüleci, one of the streets leading up to Çark Street, into a model street. We have renewed stormwater and drinking water infrastructure. We made Lüleci Sokak a modern look with its lighting. Suat Yalkın Street is one of the busiest streets of Geyve-Alifuatpaşa. After the infrastructure works completed on Suat Yalkın Street, which is one thousand 300 meters long, we renewed the pavements. We have made the street an exemplary street with decorative lighting systems appropriate to the texture of the region. As you know again, our street renovation works are continuing in Erenler Hacıoğlu Neighborhood. We are strengthening the stormwater and drinking water infrastructure of the street. We will renovate the pavements and bring them to a state that suits the region with their lighting. ”

Alternative routes new double roads

“Our improvement and renovation works are continuing on the Summer Street. We have made a double road between Summer Junction and Navy Street. We will make a 1-kilometer section between Çark Street Intersection and Şeker Mosque Intersection as soon as possible. We will provide easy, trouble-free and exemplary access from the Cottage to the Millet Garden. We make the connection road between Süleyman Binek Street and Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard. We are building a new bridge over Çark Creek with a width of 25 meters and a length of 19 meters. When the road works are completed, we will provide our citizens with safe and convenient transportation with a double road between Süleyman Binek and Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard. ”

New entrance to the city with SSI Interchange and July 15 Boulevard

“We are making an intersection at the intersection point of Adapazarı, Serdivan and Erenler districts. The main entrance of the D-100 highway is on Orhan Gazi Street. We plan to make a connection road between Pekşenler Junction and the new stadium. The road, which will be built between the settlements located in the north of our city and the D-3, is 100 kilometers long and 6 meters wide. After the Pekşenler Intersection, we will have a new highway entry-exit on the Karapürçek road. Again, we started work on the connection road between Erenler Zübeyde Hanım and Bağlar Street. There will be a double road between Sakar Baba Street and the hospital through the connection. ”

Tunnel passage to Donation Park with National Garden

Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that they will combine the National Garden and Donatım Park with a tunnel-passing work. “In addition to building an aesthetic look, we will create a boutique bazaar. We will also implement a very special botanical garden in that area. There are examples at some points in Europe. Hopefully he will be the only one in our country. We will include various saplings with the Botanical Garden. ”

Foundation of 24 new schools with 2 classrooms

“We will lay the foundation of 24 new schools with 2 classrooms to be built on the area where Adapazarı Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School and military lodgings are located, on December 31, the Conquest of Mecca. I wish you good luck. We will implement both high school and secondary school in a modern way, in line with today's conditions, with the means of our Metropolitan Municipality. I attach great importance to the contribution of our NGOs, stakeholders and institutions and organizations. I hope we will bring 2 beautiful works together to our city. kazanwe'll go."

In 2019, 426 thousand tons of asphalt

304 In 426, we introduced 2019 thousand tons of asphalt, which corresponds to a total of XNUMX kilometers of road. I would like to thank our Governor for his support and contributions. I hope we will continue our asphalt works in the new year and bring our neighborhoods and streets to new faces. ”

Our only agenda is Sakarya

Iz Our thought, our problem, our desire to serve our city, our fellow countrymen. We work day and night to see how we can improve, how to develop our city more. We will continue to work together to serve our city. We will continue to carry out works that will benefit the citizens and our city in all the headings of the Metropolitan Municipality. May my Lord perpetuate our unity and solidarity. ”

Add aesthetics and nostalgia

Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir said, “It should be our goal to realize the Nostalgic Tram project in the most beautiful and worthy way for our city. I would like to thank our President Ekrem Yüce and his team. Nostalgia and aesthetics for our city kazanWe will do whatever is necessary for this project. We will always continue our work for Sakarya together with you.”

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