İmamoğlu'ndan, Minister Çavuşoğlu'nun Channel Istanbul Reply to the Comment

Reply to cavusoglun's channel istanbul commentary
Reply to cavusoglun's channel istanbul commentary

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter his speech at the “Earthquake Workshop”, he answered the questions of the journalists. İmamoğlu responded to the words of Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, "As soon as we hit the dig, the maritime will fly", referring to Canal Istanbul.

Emamoglu emphasized that the people of Istanbul have asında zero point information Kanal on Canal Istanbul and said “We underline that there is a process that will affect the world, ecosystem, climate and earthquake in every aspect, and affect the population and structuring rent. I do not care where the Minister of Foreign Affairs, foreign affairs or other matters. I look at Istanbul, 16 million people, what this country will cost. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter his speech at the “Earthquake Workshop”, he appeared in front of the cameras. The questions asked by journalists to İmamoğlu and the answers given by the İBB President were as follows:

There were names in the protocol that the eyes looked for; The Governor of Istanbul is about to become the President of AFAD. Everyone here has been invited, with my knowledge. From the relevant ministry to the governor. Maybe someone came to represent the boards or delegations; but I do not know who came, frankly did not come. I hope they're here. Today, the subject, senior scientists, technical people, what they will add. We are the people who need to listen to managers and take responsibility. Even if they don't come, we send the reports to them.


You also mentioned the channel Istanbul. Politics is also on the agenda. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, "the time we hit the digging maritime will fly," he had such words. Your stance continues. Where is the Kanal Istanbul project heading? Because, the ruling wing is determined and insistent on this issue.

In our research, we see that the people in Istanbul have almost zero information. Channel Istanbul, 'crazy project', 'a channel passing through' they know. In other words, they have no information about the effect, the damage it will produce, the benefits and disadvantages of what it will cost. We emphasize that a subject that will affect the world, ecosystem, climate, earthquake in every aspect and affect the population and construction is surplus, and we underline that it is not a process that can be said as t We went to tender '. I do not care where the Minister of Foreign Affairs, foreign affairs or other matters. I look at Istanbul, 16 million people, what this country will cost. So this maybe 75 billion, maybe 125 billion pounds is explained. Such a cost, what is the economic equivalent of Turkey's priorities today? What effect does this city have on its ancient geography and historical past? What is the impact on agricultural or forest areas? What is the impact on human life, traffic and geographical integrity? I'il take care of that. That's what interests me. I will continue to announce, share and talk.


What is the latest situation in dams? Will there be a water shortage in Istanbul? Currently, our dams are just over 36 percent of occupancy. The occupancy rate, which has been in a downward trend for several weeks, has started to rise for the last 3-4 days. Our winter attempt was delayed; but we have not yet experienced the winter. Istanbul's eerie water scenario, 2, is associated with drought years. We will see how this drought will affect the summer barracks. It is hard to make a winter prediction yet. If there is a drought next year, a shortage of water awaits us at 2021, our friends' foresight. Of course there is something 2 that is striking here. One of them is why the historical project that Melen Dam will be opened 2 years ago and that Istanbul can be supplied with millions of cubic meters of water reserves is still a result of the bil … 2040 has been given guarantees to the society that we have taken over a city where we will not have water problems until 2071, including Mr. President. We were chosen by taking that guarantee. Therefore, this process is a national issue. If DSI suffers from an appropriation problem, we warn the institutions that will establish this appropriation and invite them to sensitivity. This is an important issue. At least I think that the President promises and promises “We will not have water problems until 2040, 2071. We have solved the whole problem uz we invite all institutions and organizations to take responsibility for the commitment. At the moment, 2 does not mean that there will be no water problems in the future, as we anticipate that there will be no water problems for the year. In addition to the critical Melen Dam, our projects for saving and developing water resources are continuing. We will have a water workshop in January. We'il take that there. But first of all, let us state that; The fact that the Kanal Istanbul project will destroy water basins around 30 is another proof of how unnecessary and risky it is for Istanbul. Let's underline it too.


Some of the people who have been working in the earthquake area for a long time have been reacted by social media about why they were not included in the workshop by IMM management. Are you aware of these invitations and will you have a message?

Who was invited as a mayor, who was not… I am neither intrusive nor right to be in scientific fields. Let's just say this once. There's no one invited. It's about being a speaker. Reaction shown… The scientist whose name is mentioned is also actively working with our municipality in other fields. For example, I know that İSKİ has offered them a study. Therefore, no scientist in Istanbul should stay outside. Could be incomplete. We have a lot of scientists. Not everyone can be a speaker. But everyone should be involved in the process. We are setting up boards to ensure this. If a mistake was made to them already told our friend 'we apologize' he said. But he shouldn't choose not to come because I'm not a speaker for science. I hope today or tomorrow to be themselves the highest level participant and sharing with the information that contributes to the process. Not only to them, of course, we invite everyone in this sense. Deficiencies are eliminated. This is neither the first nor the last. We will always include the areas and processes that we will talk about such an earthquake in every moment of Istanbul. Because our first issue is the earthquake.

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