81 Ministry of Interior Warning of Parking Ban Violation

Ministry of Internal Affairs with warning of violation of parking ban
Ministry of Internal Affairs with warning of violation of parking ban

The Ministry of Interior, with the circular issued by 81 violating the prohibition of parking rules and vehicles that can only be punished with fines do not affect the traffic order and safety of the parking lot; During the withdrawal and storage of parking lots, the rules and principles determined by the legislation are not followed, this situation leads to various grievances, he warned. The ministry requested that the organizations and officials responsible for traffic act in accordance with the standard understanding and legislation.

81 Provincial Governorship of the Ministry, Provincial Police Directorate and Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Minister Süleyman Soylu signed Parking Ban Application and the withdrawal of vehicles sent a circular. Circular, with the increase in the number of vehicles and drivers in traffic with appropriate parking / stopping areas to be determined and compliance with the rules, it is of great importance in terms of ensuring traffic order and safety said. Recalling that the areas where parking will be within the boundaries of the province and the penal sanctions and the abolition of vehicles in case of deterioration or occupation of the parking discipline on the road are regulated by the legislation, the articles 2918, 59, 60 and 61 of the Road Traffic Law No. 62 are recalled. It was pointed out that the Traffic Regulations of the Highways and the states where the pauses and parking were prohibited and their places were stated.

In the articles of the Highways Traffic Regulation sent to the provinces, the vehicles which do not comply with the prohibitions of parking will be removed, the principles and procedures for the removal of the vehicles, the responsibilities of the parties and the determination of the parking lots and the determination of the costs of the vehicle withdrawal were also explained.

It was seen that the procedures and principles determined in the legislation were not followed

In the circular issued by the Ministry with 81, in practice, vehicles that violate the prohibition of parking and that can only be fined are not affected by the traffic order and safety, or that they are pulled into parking lots even though the conditions in the legislation do not exist; During the withdrawal and storage of parking lots, parking lots and towers in the determination of the procedures and principles specified in the legislation, this situation leads to various grievances, he warned.

In this context, the organizations and officials responsible for traffic with a standard approach and act in accordance with the purpose of the Law, as well as the rights of all road users in the vehicle owners and drivers, without exception, to prevent arbitrary practices and adverse events that may be experienced in the following issues should be considered;

  • 15 m distance to the stops of passenger vehicles such as municipal buses, taxis, minibuses, trams,
  • 5 m distance to the entrances and exits of pedestrian walkways and walkways, school crossings, public institutions and organizations and hospitals, health institutions, garages, parks, residences,
  • Next to the second row of duly parked vehicles,
  • 5 m distance to intersections and intersections, tunnel entrances, bridge entrances and places where fire hydrants are located,
  • Reserved parking spaces for vehicles parked with vehicles in order to create a danger in terms of traffic order and general security and vehicles to be removed will be drawn.

Towing the vehicle will be accompanied by traffic officials

During the drawing process; The necessary criminal proceedings will be applied to the registration plate due to violation of the vehicle. The withdrawal of the vehicle itself will be decided by traffic officials and will be accompanied by. An image record (camera or photo) will be taken to indicate the vehicle's license plate and violation status, and these records will be stored in appropriate environments.

During the loading of the vehicle to the tractor, the safety of the towed vehicle and the environment shall be taken into consideration. In the event that the owner / driver arrives at the time the vehicle is loaded or taken to the tow tractor, the traffic administrative fine decision will be communicated to him, and if any costs incurred (over current tariffs determined by UKOME or Provincial Traffic Commissions) will be delivered to the vehicle owner / driver.

Tracked Vehicles Will Be Taken

The owner / driver will not be allowed to travel on the tow tractor. Tracking of the drawn vehicles will be made, authorized and taken to the nearest parking lot where the violation took place to be taken under protection. As soon as the vehicle enters the parking lot, officials will immediately enter data from the Parking section under the Polnet information system Traffic Control menu. Appropriate platforms to the public; www.egm.gov.t is In the Traffic and Parking Query modules located at the address of the Car Parking Inquiry can be done, vehicle owners have e-Government registration if the e-mail address, e-Government mobile application users downloading the mobile phone information will be announced issues of parking.

In the provinces, the governors will be inspected at least twice a year for compliance with the legislation and circular requirements of at least 5% of the works and transactions carried out by all the parking lots where the vehicles withdrawn by the district governors or banned from the traffic are kept. In case of detection of contradiction to the conditions specified in the legislation and circulars will be made about the process. 4-month periods related to the studies (January-April, May-August, September-December) documents will be filled in at the end of the period will be sent to the Ministry.

The said measures should be followed by the governors and the district governors, the law enforcement officers and other officials under their orders and not to cause any problems in the implementation.

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