The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will hire contracted personnel

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to contract personnel
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to contract personnel

📩 04/12/2019 19:01

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has issued a new recruitment announcement. According to the announcement published via DPB, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will recruit 25 personnel from 09 until November and 2019 until December 9.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, to be employed within the Department of IT Department, in the Appendix 375 of the Decree Law No. 6 and based on this article, in the Large-Scale Information Processing Units of the Public Institutions and Organizations published in the Official Gazette dated 31.12.2008 and numbered 27097. In accordance with the 8th article of the Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Regarding the Employment of Contracted IT Staff, 9 (nine) Contracted IT Staffs will be recruited by the placement to be made in accordance with the written exam success order to be carried out by our Ministry.


a) To fulfill the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) Graduates of the four-year computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, electrical-electronic engineering and industrial engineering departments of the faculties or higher education institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the Higher Education Council,

c) (b) other than those specified in the four-year education faculties of engineering departments, faculties of science and literature, education and educational sciences, computer and technology education departments, statistics, mathematics and physics departments, or equivalence to these higher education accepted by the Council of Higher Education abroad (Graduates of this department can apply for 2 floor of monthly gross contract fee ceiling)

ç) Have at least 3 (three) years of professional experience in software, software design and development and management of this process or in the installation and management of large-scale network systems, for at least 5 (three) years, and for others at least 657 (five) years of professional experience. In determining the experience, as the IT Personnel, the services that are subject to the Law No. 4 or the contracted services subject to the Decree Law 399 with the sub-clause (B) of Article XNUMX of the same Law and the service periods documented as the IT personnel in the private sector subject to the Social Insurance Institution shall be taken into consideration).

d) Providing knowledge of the hardware of computer peripherals and established network management and security, documenting that they know at least two of the current programming languages,

e) For male candidates, if they have not reached the age of active military service or have reached the age of military service, they must have served as active military service or have been exempted or postponed or have been transferred to the reserve class.


1- References; Between 25.11.2019 - 09.12.2019, will be done electronically via the address. Since the applications will be received electronically, applications will not be accepted by mail or in person.

2- Admissions will be done with the password e-government candidates (the the account is obligatory. Candidates must obtain an e-Government password in order to use this account. Candidates may obtain the envelope containing the e-Government password from the PTT Central Directorates in person by presenting the identity card with the Turkish Identity Number.


a) Curriculum Vitae, (Short CV of the candidate will be prepared as a single page and will be uploaded to 'Other Information' during e-government application.)

b) SSI Service Document, (e-Government SSI Registration and Service Document page, barcoded documents, e-government applications during the 'Other Information' section will be uploaded.)

c) The document indicating the professional experience stated in Article (3) of the General Conditions (It is necessary to certify that the professional experience is passed as information personnel, it will be uploaded to the 'Other Information' section during the application made via e-government.)

d) The document stating that he / she knows at least two current programming languages ​​stated in (d) of the general conditions title (transcript showing at least 2 semester programming course taken, participation / examination certificate, etc.) (Application prepared by e-government with a single page) will be uploaded to the 'Other Information' section.)
e) The certificates and documents indicating the professional experience or experience required for each position in SPECIAL CONDITIONS (Certificates and detailed list of the specified documents shall be prepared as a single document and uploaded to the 'Other Information' section during the application made via e-government.)


As a result of the examination of the applications, the total of seventy percent of the KPSS score (KPSS score of the candidate who does not submit a KPSS score or 70 is considered as 10) and thirty percent of the foreign language score (the score of those who do not submit a foreign language score will be considered as zero) The maximum number of XNUMX (ten) times for each title will be invited to the written exam, starting with the highest score according to the ranking.

If there is more than one candidate with the same score in the last place according to this ranking, all of these candidates will be accepted for the exam.

List of candidates who are eligible to take the written exam ve will be posted on the site. In addition, written notification or notification will not be made.

Applicants may apply to only one of the announced positions.


The exam questions will cover all subjects specified in the technical and special conditions of the position to which they apply. 10 (ten) questions will be shared among the announced positions. Common questions will cover current IT topics.

The time and place of the examination together with the list of candidates who are eligible to take the written exam ve will be posted on the site.

Those who do not qualify to take the written exam may appeal to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Department of Data Processing within three (X) working days, including the date of publication, after the list of those who are eligible to take the written exam is published. Any objections not filed within the deadline will not be accepted. Objections will be finalized by the examination commission within 3 (three) working days. The results will be notified to the concerned in writing.


Candidates who score 100 and more over 70 full score at the end of the written exam ve 9 (nine) noble, 9 (nine) substitute candidates will be announced as winner.

Objections to the results of the written exams shall be submitted to the IT Department within 3 (three) working days starting from the date the results are announced and will be evaluated by the examination commission and the related university institution or organization.

If the scores are equal in the written exam; If the duration of professional experience is longer and the duration of professional experience is equal, the more recent university graduation date will be taken into consideration.


Written exam results ve sites. In addition, written notification or notification will not be made.

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