If the Channel takes place, we will not be able to visit the graves of our ancestors.

If the channel is realized in Istanbul, we will not be able to visit the graves of our ancestors.
If the channel is realized in Istanbul, we will not be able to visit the graves of our ancestors.

The residents of Baklalı Neighborhood, which is connected to Arnavutköy, which will be flooded in case of Canal Istanbul, are worried about the transportation of the cemetery. The majority of the people are uncomfortable that the cemetery in the project area of ​​Kanal Istanbul will be moved.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, at the press conference held on 25 December with the slogan 'Either Kanal, or Istanbul', explained why it is against Kanal Istanbul in 15 articles. The article "Canal Istanbul Means, Destroying Spirituality", one of the objection titles of Mayor İmamoğlu, carried the information that 11 cemeteries in Arnavutköy would be affected by the project. For the Baklalı Cemetery, which remains in the project area, the people of the region are uneasy about the developments. The residents of Baklalı say that they were not informed about Kanal Istanbul and that they had to make do with what they learned from the press, and that they do not want their cemeteries to be moved.


In accordance with the Metropolitan Law in 2014, Baklalı was given the status of a neighborhood. With this change, Baklalı Cemetery was connected to IMM Directorate of Cemeteries. The people of Baklalı, cemeteries want to protect this state, they say they are worried because of the Canal Istanbul. We don't want that to happen. We'il have lost our family elders. We will not be able to visit ”.

Broad beans complain that they are not informed about the project. Stating that they can get information from the press about the project that concerns them, Ömer Özkaya said, “There are many drawbacks. Close to all of us are buried there. I don't think it will be good for Istanbul and us. I do not care much about the cemetery. But I see the channel as a problem and I care ”he said.

The bean people do not want the process to be carried out outside of themselves. Ercüment Gülemek said that he could learn the developments from the press and said, “Nobody gives us information. We certainly don't want the cemetery moving. All our relatives are lying there side by side. No one asked us about the channel project. We have ancestral space. What about these? We want to be enlightened about this..

“BEANS WILL BE displaced KI

Erol Samastı, who shared the concern that the project would leave everyone homeless, said, yakın At the first meeting, it was said that nearly one million people would be affected. You will displace all of this. You will distribute people who have lived here for years. We came here from Trabzon. There will be a difference between the local people and the latter. You feel like a refugee. A million people will fall into this situation with the project ”.

Remzi Demirkol said that people should not be displaced from their homeland. We don't know what income or expense. I'm not a fan of the project ı.

Recalling that the villagers were not involved in the project and the concerns were ignored during the project phase of Istanbul Airport, Hasan Gungor said:

Uz We don't want the cemetery to be moved. Really like this channel needed? What benefits will it have? We don't know that. Nobody's giving us any information. We all have parents, grandparents sleeping there. How to move? We don't want that. EIA meeting of the new airport. Leave the local people, even the headmen did not attend these meetings. Airport employees filled the hall. Even the mukhtars could not enter. ”


The people of the region think that the project cannot contribute to the country. Çak I am a civil engineer. I did a graduation project on the dam. Disrupts ecological balance, disrupts water basin, disrupts everything. A job that will never happen. Why are the graves of the people here moving? Moreover, we are economically difficult. And I don't believe it will. The channel will not be in my opinion, ”he said.

Hami İnan explained that Canal Istanbul cannot benefit the city with these words:

“What will the channel get? It will take us from here. In our opinion, saying that the cemetery is moving means that people are also moving. It is not the right job. Let the people rest in their graves. We are against the love of the canal to be taken from the graves of people to another place. It shouldn't be because someone wants it. "


The residents of Baklalı who supported the construction of Canal Istanbul also shared their views. Hüseyin Kuşçu, who has the idea that the project designers know something, said, “I have many relatives in the cemetery here. If it will be good for our nation, I say ”. Behzat Çakmak said that the graves were moved in other regions before and therefore he did not see any harm.

“If the state has decided, we have nothing to do as a person. The state is doing it and we will support it. The cemeteries were also moved from Edirnekapı. It is taken here and taken to another place. It must be useful for the country. ”

Turan Genç and Fahrettin Sinan, who agreed with the opinion that there was no harm in moving the graves, said that they wished to be auspicious because they were supporting the state project.

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