Iğdır University Students Organized Technical Trip to Kars Logistics Directorate

Iğdir University students organized a technical visit to Kars Logistics Directorate
Iğdir University students organized a technical visit to Kars Logistics Directorate

2nd grade students of Iğdır University Vocational School Logistics Program organized a technical trip to Kars State Railways (TCDD) - Kars Logistics Directorate and Train Station.

A technical trip was organized by the students of the Logistics Program in order to see the cargo and human transport activities in the rail transport which is an important branch of the logistics sector.

Career Research and Application Center Director Öğr. In the tour organized by Gör Hakan Güngör; Kars Logistics Manager Muharrem Toraman provided the students with detailed information about the other departments of the Center, especially related departments. Technical visits were made by authorized and technical personnel in the field. Information was given about railway logistics and application areas.

Speaking about the technical trip Lecturer. See. Hakan Güngör stated that the technical tour programs based on sectoral cooperation will continue, and that the accumulation of experience of the real sector is very important for the development of professional knowledge and equipment of both university lecturers and students.

The first place where goods coming from Central Asia and Caucasus will be transported to Europe will be in the European customs, and they will have the chance to see the logistics, customs, health and other standardization controls of these goods in Kars. See. Güngör said, modern The establishment of modern logistics centers in Kars will provide new employment opportunities for our region. I think that there will be internship opportunities for our students and job opportunities for our graduates in these employment areas. I also believe that the main backbone of Turkey's railway, which will connect the East-West railway corridor Kars-Igdir-Iran and Nakhichevan December Dilucu provides a very positive contribution to our region's railway line, "he said.

The students who participated in the program stated that the technical trip is very instructive and will guide them in their career planning.

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