Eskişehir Road Underpass Approaches End

Eskişehir Road Underpass Approaches End
Eskişehir Road Underpass Approaches End

Eskişehir Road Underpass Approaches to the End; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is undertaking new projects in order to ease the city traffic and meet the transportation needs of the citizens of the capital city.

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality continues its road maintenance, patching, asphalt laying and pavement works continuously and carries out new road opening, intersection and underpass projects that will reduce the traffic density in many points of the Capital.

On the Dumlupınar Boulevard (Eskişehir Road), which is one of the projects that will allow the city traffic to breathe, the approach of the underpass in front of the intersections of Konutkent, Yaşamkent and Başkent University has been approached.


7 percent of the three underpass works, which have been carried out on a 24/85 basis by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs, to the extent permitted by the weather conditions, have been completed.

In total there are three underpasses where 46 thousand 500 tons of asphalt paving will be performed; lighting, curb, pavement, barrier, landscaping and superstructure works continue in full swing.


Transparent understanding of the municipality with the citizens about the work done on social media and city screens, informing the Metropolitan Municipality, the same meticulousness in all three underpass studies.

Dumlupınar Boulevard established on the giant led screens through the remaining time information about the opening date is given to citizens.


Dumlupınar Boulevard on the 3-3 arrival, including the total underpasses consisting of two lanes of 6 lane by opening two side lanes, traffic density will greatly relax.

Ankara-Eskişehir road to ensure the continuous flow of traffic when the work is completed, the Residential Underpass Junction underpass length 700 meters, the capital U-turn underpass length 460 meters, the Lifekent Junction will be 700 meters long.

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