Credit Request for EGO Bus Purchase Discussed

Credit request for ego bus purchase discussed
Credit request for ego bus purchase discussed

Credit Request for EGO Bus Purchase Negotiated; The last of the December meetings of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council was held under the chairmanship of President Mansur Yavaş.

In the meeting which took place in the Assembly Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality and where the citizens showed great interest; EGO General Directorate '245 CNG'li bus and 28 diesel bus purchase and 2 filling station construction project' 60 million euros for the use of foreign loans up to Euro Plan and Budget Commission report was discussed.

At the meeting, AK Party, MHP, CHP and GOOD Party group heads of Ankara will benefit from all the decisions expressed positively, said they would use the vote for this agenda item.

Mayor Yavaş thanked the representatives of the opposition party for the acceptance vote before the vote and said: toplam The total debt of the municipality is 8,5 billion TL. First of all, I want to start here ”, he explained why they want the loan. Responding to criticism from opposition parties, President Yavaş said, orum I congratulate you on this decision for the benefit of Ankara and thank everyone who contributed individually.


Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş used the following statements when explaining the reasons for requesting a loan:

“I have come to 8,5 billion TL debt. 52 million pounds I'm paying the interest of the money you spend. He is not enough 10 million pounds while paying the annual subway, now we are paying 15 million pounds monthly. So we pay 120 million pounds a year. He is also not enough 400 million pounds SSI debt of the past period. It's all come down to us. You want me to have the same performance in the past years. AK Party and MHP group to say the following; 'You brought us borrowing' you say. What were the reasons for bringing in borrowing? Remember, there were traffic accidents at the intersection of Çayyolu. An alternative boulevard project, Istasyon Street, which connects Etimesgut and Sincan districts, the continuation of Ankara Boulevard, was brought because it was urgent. Or we could have done it in five years, right? The entrance to Konutkent, which is on Dumlupınar Boulevard, is now located in front of Başkent University, Şaşmaz Sanayi Sitesi, which connects Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard and Dumlupınar Boulevard. This is where people always suffer. Three years later, let me borrow it, but let's do this as soon as possible. There's no life or death around here. We want 700 million pounds for the urgent repair of the roads made in the villages before the election and going to waste and now it would be better if it had never been done. They say that you pay the debt of the old contractors and pay the workers' claims, and you reduce the demand for 700 million pounds to 400 million pounds, but we will do so. We will do Istasyon Street and all the demands. ”


Stating that there are other reasons for their request for credit, Mayor Yavaş said, kadar I follow the Blue Table by myself until the evening. The most complaints are from EGO. There are some shortcomings. The number of buses has really fallen. Our daily 30-40 bus is in repair. Therefore, the costs incurred are high. There's life safety. While the average bus age is 6 all over the world, we have 10. After December will be 11. So there is an emergency. We find an appropriate loan. Mr. President says, 'Do not ask for money from us, find your credit from abroad.' We found it. 1 has a grant of € million, plus 2 has a year-delayed payment and 10 year term. No such loan in Turkey. If we had found the municipality by two thousand buses, it would not have been necessary. We don't want to deactivate the buses and ask for new buses. That's one of the reasons we asked for a loan. No need to argue for him. We will round up the municipality if God grants. If you earn treasure in 7 month, you will not find that money..


Mayor Yavaş stated that he has some priorities in serving Ankara and said, “My priority is the health of the people, the lives of the people and the problems they suffer. I got the account from the Department of Urban Aesthetics. There is money spent on various statues. 342 million pounds spent. This figure corresponds to the 457 bus. The watches correspond to the 7 bus and the cats correspond to the 1 bus. Dinosaur and camouflage equipment construction work 26 bus. There are also ANKAPARK entrance gates, which correspond to the 95 bus. Total 439 million pounds of money went to dead investments. We've been deprived of the 586 bus. People in the snow in the winter, waiting for the sun under the bus, ordeal when I spend neither dinosaur money nor anything else ”he said. President Yavaş continued his speech as follows:

“They say; You have saved 350 million pounds. Yes, we will. We have an open auction. Everything is transparent. You said the companies don't have accounts, we'il give them. All my councilor friends can get my 200 day report and get the information they want from the units they want. We took them out to account. Why are we paying debt when there are 350 million? Do you know why? The hole is big, very big. 350 doesn't close with a million. When 350 doesn't close with a million, we want money for such needs. ”


While the loan was used for the purchase of new buses, the issue was discussed again in the Plan and Budget Commission to prevent any legal difficulties in the procedure and it was decided to call an extraordinary meeting of the Assembly.

At the end of the meeting, President Yavaş shook hands with political party representatives and thanked them one by one.

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