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3 (1) Internal Auditor shall be appointed to the Batman University in the General Administrative Services (GIH) class in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Public Financial Management and Control Law 5018 numbered 1.


a) Carrying the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Law No 48,
b) Having the “Public Internal Auditor Certificate verilen issued by the Internal Audit Coordination Board of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance,
c) To work as an internal auditor in any institution or to work for a public institution and to have an internal auditor certificate
d) Having the knowledge, competence and representation skills required by the Internal Auditing profession.


Start Date: On 23/12/2019
Deadline for Application: Monday, 06/01/2020 (Included)
* Candidates must apply to the Personel Batman University Personnel Department açık in person or by post.
* Delays in mail will not be considered.

Application Address

Batman University Personnel Department
West Raman Campus
Rectorate Building 3rd Floor BATMAN
Tel: 0488 21735 65 - 217 37 04


1) Application Form
2) Public Internal Auditor Certificate (For applications to be made by mail, it must be stamped dan Original has been seen. Dan and must be sealed)
3) Foreign Language Exam Result Document (There will be a square coded document taken from the system.)
4) Photocopy of Bachelor's Degree, Graduation Certificate or equivalency certificate.
5) HITAP Service Certificate (to be obtained from E-government or from the Institution where it works)
6) Criminal Record Certificate (to be obtained from e-government)
7) Identity Card Duplex Copy
8) Passport Photo (2 Piece)
9) Military Status Certificate for male candidates (to be obtained from e-government)
10) Copy of international certificate (CIA, CISA, CCSA, CGAP, if applicable) *

* Candidates holding CIA, CISA, CCSA or CGAP certificates will attach a copy of each of these certificates to the application documents. Those who do not have any of the specified certificates can also apply.

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