All Details about the Sapanca Cable Car Project

All details about the Sapanca cable car project
All details about the Sapanca cable car project

The ropeway project, which will be implemented in Sapanca district, comes to the agenda with reactions to work. So what is the Sapanca ropeway project that causes reactions?

Starting from Kırkpınar in Sapanca district, 1,5 will reach to Mahmudiye at the end of the line. The Sapanca cable car project comes up with news of the reaction of citizens recently.

How did the Sapanca cable car project come to these days? Here are all the details about the past and present of the ropeway project, which is a very critical threshold in terms of Sapanca tourism since the first year of the project, 2018.


The cable car, which will start from Kırkpınar, one of the most important tourism centers of Sapanca, has a length of 1,5 kilometers and it is stated that only the trees corresponding to the place where the cable car posts will be located will be cut. However, the number of trees in the project as expressed in the public is not thousand 3 said. According to the project, the line will be provided to reach the top station over the trees without damaging the existing trees. 700 meters will be the difference in height between the first station and the last station. Mahmudiye Incebel location, which will end the cable car line to be built in total station belonging to the station designated by the total number of 72 forests will be finished by cutting the top station.


The Mahmudiye stage of the ropeway project will become a natural feast. Domestic and foreign tourists who will ride the KNNXX cable car from Kırkpınar will enjoy the nature from cafes, restaurants, walking areas, picnic areas, adventure parks to the young and the elderly in the Mahmudiye region. The area will be spread over the 1,5 acre area and will also have a pleasant time with ATV and various sports activities.


The most important detail of the project is that it is in harmony with nature, contrary to what is known to the public.

Will it harm nature?

Within the scope of the project, more trees will be regenerated to the region. The project aims to protect this natural wonder while realizing the unique nature of Sapanca for domestic and foreign tourists. Make Project Operate The project will be implemented with the state model 25 after the year will remain in Sapanca Municipality.


Aydın Yılmazer, Sapanca Mayor of the period preparing the project, stated that they were considering the sensitivities of the implementation region while preparing the project and said the following about the project.

Uz We take great care to ensure that the current tissue does not deteriorate. There are no materials that affect human health throughout the project. Since the motors are electric, they will not create a negative impact on the environment. In the contract we signed with the winning company, we put substances in the framework of respect for the environment. In other words, all the details I mentioned are also included in the contract. As the local government, we are happy to bring the ropeway project to Sapanca, which will be the first in our city, where we consider all the details. ”


Thanks to the cable car to be built, the sales will increase with the local and foreign tourists coming from the tradesmen in the Kırkpınar region where the sub-station is located. Tourists from the moment they enter the star hotels from the moment they see all the needs in the hotel, there is no return to any tradesmen, but with the ropeway project, these visitors will go out of the hotel trades with the trades of Sapanca is not very serious because of the other income for the region is not very serious for agriculture. In a sense, it will create employment.


When the project is fully operational, Sapanca's tourism potential is planned to increase by 2 or 3 times. Sapanca will become a region without a dead season in the tourism sector.


The project started to pass the life of the project, especially after the resistance of Kırkpınar residents showed great resistance to the project. (Medyab is)


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