Turkish Transportation-You President Albayrak 'We Are Servants of the Honored Turkish Officer'

you are the servants of the honorable turk officer
you are the servants of the honorable turk officer

Turkey Kamu-Sen established under the umbrella of the President of the Union of Turkish Transport Nurullah Albayrak, Mustafa about union activities and transportation sector Habernediy isspoke to.

Turkey under the leadership of Public Employees Foundation, established in Turkey in 1992 within Turkey Kamu-Sen-Sen Transportation; It carries out various activities to protect and protect the rights of the transportation sector workers working in airports, railways and ports and to organize the workers working in these areas.

“We are servants of the honored Turkish official”

Albayrak made a statement about the history and mission of the union, "First of all, we, the name Turkey Kamu-Sen in our state, our nation's name to Turkish Transportation-Sen living the glorious honor of carrying the henchmen of Turkish officers. Our principle is to act with the motto of our country first. In 1989, Turkey is a movement initiated by the Public Employees Foundation, an organization with Işıklar Ali's leadership was established. Later, Turkey Kamu-Sen was founded in 1992. Under the umbrella of Kamu-Sen, Turkish Transportation Union was established with 11 business lines. Tüvasas in both railways and airports, we established our partnership with important values ​​such as the Republic of Turkey and TÜDEMSAŞ Tulomsas, the voice of all our employees and we continue to be breathing. " He spoke in the form.

Unions members of Turkey airports in general, railways, sea ports, TCDD, Inc. Stating that it consists of employees such as the General Directorate and the Ministry of Transport, Albayrak said, “Under the umbrella of the Turkish Transport Union, we strive to ensure that all our employees receive more than welfare and improve their social rights.” said.

Insanlar Competent people should be brought to work ”

Reminding that accidents in railways in the recent past are reminded, Albayrak said, “First we need to look at the basics, we need to investigate well… First of all, we need to employ qualified personnel in many places. Regardless of the appointment of people who know the job, language, religion, political view, sect and school, to our executive staff; We need to bring the competent people to the job without separating people. Studies continue in many regions before the work is completed due to the signaling modifications and repairs. We want to ensure that it is not resumed before the work is completed and that it is opened to traffic after the work is completed. ” used expressions.

Ankara Ankara-Sivas YHT line will be operational during Ramadan Feast of 2020 year ”

When asked about the Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Afyon-İzmir High Speed ​​Train Line works, Albayrak said, “First of all, the tender for the Ankara-Afyon-İzmir line is about to be completed, but now the priority is the Ankara-Sivas route, as our President stated, today. It will go until Sivas, Maybe until Kars. At the same time, we will use this route for logistics rather than carrying passengers. When we look at it today, the industrial cities are Ankara, Istanbul, İzmir and our provinces on the coast. When we go to Central Anatolia today, people have always given migration to the west. We care about High Speed ​​Train lines for the migration back to Central Anatolia and eastward. ” He said and added: “I would like to give you the good news, there is no lack of allowance on the high-speed train with the instructions of our President… Studies are continuing very quickly. Hopefully, this line will be operational on 2020 Ramadan Feast with the instructions of our President. I believe this too. I went and observed it myself, I traveled that route completely. Studies are going on very fast, which makes us proud. ” He spoke in the form.

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