World Hearing Impaired Cycling Championship Ends

world championship for the hearing impaired ended
world championship for the hearing impaired ended

Gaziantep Governor's Office in coordination, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department was completed with the Presidency to Turkey Deaf World Deaf Cycling Championships held in cooperation with the Sports Federation and the 36 72 kilometer points race.

36 kilometer women Viktorovna Alisa Bondareva from Russia first, Yelisaveta Topchaniuk from Ukraine second, Aleksandra Ruslanovna Evdokimova from Russia was third. In 72 kilometer men, Dmitry Andreevich Rozanov from Russia came first, Ivan Vladimirovich Makarov came second, Evgeny Mikhailovich Prokhorov came third.


Under the leadership of Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, the city of Gazi, which stands out with its “Sports Friendly City” identity, witnessed high-level competitions with the 28th World Deaf Cycling Championship, which was organized for the first time in Turkey between October 02-November 2019, 14. Athletes won medals in fierce competitions kazanHe pedaled to make it. On the last day of the championship, the Point Race in the women's and men's categories gave the audience exciting moments. In the competition on the 36 and 72 kilometer track; In women, Viktorovna Alisa Bondareva from Russia was followed by Yelisaveta Topchaniuk from Ukraine and Aleksandra Ruslanovna Evdokimova from Russia. In men, Dmitry Andreevich Rozanov from Russia took first place, Ivan Vladimirovich Makarov second, Evgeny Mikhailovich Prokhorov third.


Evaluating the championship, Head of Youth and Sports Services Department Zekeriya Efiloğlu reminded that 14 athletes from 12 countries participated in the 50th World Deaf Cycling Championship and said, “The championship was held in Gaziantep, Turkey for the first time. We are honored that a World-class championship is being held in Gaziantep, it is a great honor for our Gaziantep. kazanIt's been three. The athletes who came competed very well for 5 days. These races brought about exciting moments and increased adrenaline. Both the athletes and our Cycling Federation were satisfied with the organization, and they thanked Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, who pioneered this organization. We will continue our work, acting on the 'Sports Friendly City' understanding of President Şahin's Gaziantep. We made a city tour for the competitors who came to the city, introduced our city, and sent them to their countries very pleased. I would like to thank President Fatma Şahin, who is warm and supportive of every project we want to be done.”


Cycling Federation Board member and Deaf Cycling National Team, the Technical Director Hakan Yigit, the World Deaf Cycling Championships that was previously scheduled to take place in Russia but said he decided to be in Turkey, the organization upon to renounce hosted by Russia.

Yiğit said that they are preparing for the tournament in a very short time and said: “Our athletes are inexperienced against other competitors. We started with the Olympics in Samsun in 2017, we established our team. So we're a little behind in terms of experience. When we look at the foreign athletes who came here, especially the Russians, they have been interested in this sport since childhood. Despite this, our athletes are struggling head to head, the degrees are very close but this difference will be closed in a little time. Even though 2 is a year-old history, the degrees we get are very good. Our goal is to have a say in our experience as our other competitors. I believe that if they don't take a break, they can do it. We became 100 in the 2 kilometer competition for men in teams. Our tactics are adjusted accordingly. It was very difficult to deal with the opponents individually, but it was a head-to-head challenge. As a team, we have achieved our goal and have taken the stand. ”

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