Woman Hitting Ray Care Train While She Listened to Music, She Died

woman lost her life while listening to music
woman lost her life while listening to music

The Woman Hit by the Rail Care Train Lost Her Life While Listening Music; Nilgün Çolak (38), who was allegedly walking with the headphones in the Ceyhan district of Adana, was unable to notice the rail maintenance train and died as a result of the train crash.

The accident occurred on Serap Aktaş Koşuyolu around 08.00:XNUMX in the Ceyhan district of Adana. Nilgün Çolak, who is allegedly walking by listening to music with headphones, hit the rail maintenance train while passing over the tracks. Police and medical team were sent to the scene of the incident after the citizens who saw the accident informed the authorities. In the control made by the medical team, it was determined that Çolak died.

The dead body of Nilgün Çolak, who died in the accident, was taken to the morgue of Ceyhan State Hospital for an autopsy after the examination.



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