Students of Capital City to Make Digital Lessons Like Paving Stones

will make digital students love the paving stones of digital courses
will make digital students love the paving stones of digital courses

Formulas to Love Digital Lessons in Ankara Paving Stones; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality wrote mathematics, physics and chemistry formulas on the paving stones renewed in Yüksel Street as part of the "Red Crescent Renewal Project".

The project, which was initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to raise awareness, received full marks from the citizens of Baskent.


Metropolitan Municipality, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş'ın instructions to create awareness for children and young people continues to sign.

The Department of Construction and Maintenance and Repair Department of the Department of Science Works, in cooperation with Çankaya Municipality, performs pavement and landscape renovation works by using its own teams and facilities instead of subcontractors in the Red Crescent region.

Sakarya Street to apply the game to the ground on the ground of the last Municipality of Yüksel Street paving stones, to make the students love the numerical lessons and to ensure the permanence of the sum of even numbers, trigonometry and a large number of formulas written.


Formulas 7'den 70'e attracts everyone's attention, especially high school students, often used in the exam and the question they can not hide their astonishment when they see the formulas.

-Doğukan Kutay: olarak As a student, he can actually encourage many people to mathematics. He can teach people who do not know that m is mass. That's pretty good. My visual memory is good too, and I can memorize what I don't know from here. ”

-Talha Kıran: orum I think it is useful. Things that can leave information in mind as you walk here every morning. It attracts more attention if placed in many places of the city. The things that are of interest also add creativity to the mind. ”

-Waraş Aydın: i I noticed my passing now. Nice thing for teens. It's a reminder to them as they pass through. ”

-Omer Enes Sen: “I was very happy frankly. It was something we had a hard time memorizing while preparing for college. I made it on my phone screen. It's better that way. ”

-Gülşah Demirci: “It is well thought out to be around the classroom and on the road. I wish it were in my time. I had a hard time, I had a very painful time memorizing them. It may also be the meeting point for those whose chemistry matches. ”

-Mustafa Flower: “Beautiful application. Because there are a lot of students preparing for university exams. I think it is a useful reminder. ”

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