Turkey's giant project to the International Awards

turkiyenin giant project to the international award
turkiyenin giant project to the international award

International awards continue to come to Turkey's giant projects. Yüksel Proje, which was a finalist in the AEC Excellence Awards 2019, one of the most prestigious awards in the world, with the Istanbul General Rail System Design Services and Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro projects, won the grand prize in both projects realized using Building Information Modeling (BIM). kazanwas.

The first one took place in the competition on behalf of Turkey. For the first time the two projects with Turkey, a Turkish firm as the champion of the competition awards ceremony, Autodesk University event in the United States on November 2, and December 19 will be held at the next Summit of the Construction Sector will be held in Istanbul. AEC Excellence Awards, which was held for the eighth time this year and realized with the Autodesk software worldwide, is defined as the industry's champion.


As the stations are located in the densely populated areas of the city, the design and construction works of the 13 km long Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro Project, the construction works of which are carried out by the partnership of Gülermak, Nurol, Makyol, and which has 11 stations, require high engineering experience. BIM (Building Information Modeling) solutions were used effectively to overcome these difficulties. Regarding the subject, Autodesk Turkey Country Leader Murat Tüzüm said, “Out of thousands of projects realized around the world, 2 projects from Turkey were awarded simultaneously. kazanWe see the project as a confirmation of the advanced level reached by Turkish companies in building construction and infrastructure projects, and we attach great importance to it. Being able to work in harmony with BIM (Building Information Modeling), which has become one of the prerequisites for taking part in national and international projects, helps to ensure the highest efficiency in the implementation phase thanks to the right planning and collaboration tools. We would like to thank all the stakeholders of the project who contributed to the success”. Yüksel Proje R&D and Electromechanical Coordinator Cihan Kayhan said: “Behind this success, we have 60 employees, 1.400 percent of whom are architects and engineers, and an engineering experience of 41 years. As the first company in the sector to be awarded the title of R&D Center; By supporting this experience with developing technology and innovative solutions, we are carrying out works that we will be proud of in the international arena. Rewarding our high-level engineering solutions in this way is the biggest motivation for us in the production of new projects.”

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