Tram Comes to Mersin with Metro

trams come along with the subway
trams come along with the subway

Tram Comes to Mersin with Metro; Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer attended the “Brother Cities, Contemporary Urbanists” meeting organized by his party in İzmir. In the camp, where 252 mayor participated, Seçer participated in search meetings with metropolitan mayors, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana and shared his experiences with Mersin.

Azalt We reduced the cost, did not make new debt ”

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Vahap Seçer answered the questions of journalists in the camp and continued:

Göre Compared to the previous period, we have reduced our expenses by 174 million pounds. We are not saying that we have avoided or restricted some services while the expenses were falling. We eliminated waste. Our President, 'every penny made from the pocket of wasted citizens' is the phrase. I agree with that. We are making efforts to prevent this. The first 7 month has been more of a process of handling both administrative and financial control. I think we've achieved fiscal discipline. 7-8 We spent the month of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality without borrowing a TL from the banks. We received the debt authority 5,5-6 months after it came to management. But because we have the authority to borrow, as if we were taking money from the free, we do not use interest in such a rogue loan. But this week we had a loan. Last week, Iller Bank gave a guarantee loan of 75 million pounds to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. This was realized with the efforts of Mr. Lütfi Elvan and the efforts of the party-free mayors and deputies in Ankara. There is no obstacle that we cannot overcome as long as we achieve unity and solidarity ”.

100 buses will be put into service in 6 months

Seçer stated that the Metropolitan Municipality will make significant investments in the field of transportation in the coming days and added: “The municipality has important investments. We're changing the subway route. We're also putting the tram in. We also put above ground, ground rail system. We want to bring a rail system that will find 30 kilometers to Mersin at the same cost as the previously planned project. Got new bus purchases. We'll take the 73 bus this month, and the 27 bus will be picked up in January. 100 buses, including the bellows buses, the maximum 6 will be at the service of Mersin residents in the month.

Var We have debt, we have the power to pay our debt ”

Uz We are trying to do good things. For this, we are working as much as we can, not as much as we can. Başkan Mayor Vahap Seçer said: göre From my point of view, everything is getting better. We have implemented many social projects. Free milk, student assistance, People Card are these important touches. 7,5 10 thousand people in the monthly period of human resources, billions of pounds we have received. We owe it, but we have the power to overcome it. We paid a significant amount of debt. From now on, we're going to borrow very economically. We will make very affordable, very rational, feasible investments and fulfill the expectations of our fellow countrymen from us ”.

“There is work everywhere from Anamur to Tarsus”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer stated that the work on infrastructure investments is continuing and said, “People want digging and shovel work. MESKI's rain water drainage, drinking water, sewage projects continue from Anamur to Tarsus. We have diarrhea line projects. Our treatment plant projects will come. Infrastructure investments expected from us in many places in Taşucu, Gözne and Limonlu continue ”.

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