TMMOB: 'We are on the side of Çorlu Train Massacre Families Seeking Justice'

tmmob corlu train massacre families are in search of justice
tmmob corlu train massacre families are in search of justice

TMMOB: Çorlu Train Massacre Families Seeking Justice; The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) issued a press release and stated that they were with the families of Çorlu train massacre.

Çorlu Train Massacre As part of the search for justice by the families of the expert report on the disaster had been requested to conduct disciplinary investigation of the engineers.

Following the request, a press release titled 'We are with the families of the Çorlu train massacre' was made by Emin Koramaz, the Chairman of TMMOB.

The statement stated: “8 The Çorlu Train Massacre in July 2018, where 25 was killed, remains fresh in our memories and hearts. Following the disaster, both the insensitivity of the Ministry and TCDD officials, as well as the experiences of the court deepened the pain experienced by the families, broke our expectations and hopes for clarifying the causes of the disaster and the prosecution of those responsible.

In the investigation carried out after the accident, senior officials and bureaucrats were excluded from the file and it was revealed that some names in the expert committee formed to investigate the accident were related to the company responsible for the accident. The expert panel's report, which aims to conceal the real perpetrators, and the experiences of the court, undermine confidence in justice.

The demands of painful families who struggle against the covering up of the accident are ignored by the political power and judicial authorities. Despite all the gains revealed in all its dimensions and to prevent the prosecution of those responsible Corlu Train Massacre committed to the struggle waged their families, it is an example for all of Turkey.

As part of the search for justice carried out by the families, 13 November 2019 issued a press release in front of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and required disciplinary proceedings against TMMOB members who had signed the Expert Report and requested them to be banned from the profession.

As is known, 63 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. According to the article, the authority to appoint an expert for criminal cases belongs to the Public Prosecutor during the investigation phase and to the judge or the court during the prosecution phase. According to the Law on Expertise, the records of “experts tutul are kept by the Department of Expertise directly attached to the Ministry of Justice. Despite all the criticisms of our Union, this situation in the law unfortunately casts a shadow on the public and impartial nature of the experts. TMMOB and its affiliated chambers have no authority to appoint experts and keep records.

However, our professional chambers prepare scientific reports and opinions as required by the responsibility of informing the public, whether or not requested by the court. Çorlu Train Disaster has many scientific-technical reports about our chambers.

The request for disiplin disciplinary proceedings against the members who have signed the expert report en voiced by the families is a very legitimate and humanitarian request. Because korumak maintaining professional discipline and ethics ”is the legal duty of TMMOB. Those who harm the public, the public and third parties by violating their profession and duties in violation of science and professional technique shall be punished most severely by the TMMOB Discipline Regulation. Disciplinary processes have already been initiated by the professional chambers of which they are members in relation to the names in the Expert Panel in question and are still ongoing.

As TMMOB and its affiliated chambers, we have published numerous reports and opinions in order to expose the incident in all its dimensions, to punish those responsible and to prevent these disasters that have been increasing in recent years. Through our Provincial Coordination Committees in the region, we have been in solidarity with families and their lawyers at every stage of the court proceedings.

We will once again announce that we will continue our struggle for justice and solidarity with families, and we would like to take this opportunity to invite all the sensitive public to attend the fourth hearing of the Çorlu Train Disaster on 10 December 2019.

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