YOLDER Landing from TCDD Maintenance Department


YOLDER Landing from TCDD Maintenance Department; Head of TCDD Maintenance Department, Mr. Ersoy Ankara, Vice-Presidents Mr. Mehmet Soner Baş, Mr. Ali Öztürk, Mr. Uğur Açıkgöz, branch managers and service managers visited YOLDER in İzmir.

The Association of Railway Maintenance Personnel Solidarity and Assistance (YOLDER) hosted for the first time in its annual history a Head of Maintenance Department. Only Ersoy, Head of Maintenance Department, who set out with his team from Ankara to visit YOLDER, welcomed Ankara with many members of YOLDER Board of Directors. 10 at the TCDD 3.Region Culture and Arts Center November 9 Saturday, the Head of Maintenance Department Mr. Ersoy Ankara, Vice Presidents Mr. Ali Ozturk, Mr. Mehmet Soner Bas and Mr. Ugur Acikgoz, Branch Managers Mr. Kadir Okesli, Mr. Ismail Arac, Mr. Muhittin Güneş, Service Managers from TCDD's 2019 region, Mr. Teksin Came, Mr. Yaşar Diclelioğlu, Mr. Mahmut Civan, Mr. Ali Ekber Demirbilek, Mr. Ahmet Sabancı, Mr. Selçuk Özafacan attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the goals of the Maintenance Department and the role YOLDER will play in achieving these goals.

Mr. Ersoy Ankara, who started his speech by stating that he was very pleased to be in Izmir and thanked YOLDER Board of Directors for creating this opportunity, said: “First of all, I would like to commemorate the late President Özden Polat. As I came here, I brought the greetings and best wishes of our General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun. YOLDER is not an ordinary association and it is very important for us. We also wanted to visit the Association Center and show how important you are to us. We need to claim YOLDER. I think that the number of members should increase even more, because our Office needs bases, powerful instruments to strengthen and stand up. One of these instruments is YOLDER ”.

Saying that he left 28 year behind in the TCDD family he started to work as a Road Surveyor, but the problems did not change, Mr. Ankara continued: sözler Vision, projects and support of these projects are needed to solve the problems. We currently have these opportunities and we need to make good use of this historic opportunity. From job descriptions, training needs, general orders to Line Maintenance Concept, we have started to carry out studies that will reach results quickly. We want YOLDER to take an active part in this process together with its members. I want all our employees to go home without any problems. Our profession is also our life. We need some energy to be happier in our work and therefore in our lives. I believe that if we are together, we will have happier days if we create this energy together. ”


Mr. Ersoy Ankara, stating that they have submitted the request to the Human Resources Department for the transition of Line Maintenance and Repair Officers to the Road Surveillance Department and that they are in close follow-up of the issue, stressed that the legal process has begun and the exam will be made as soon as possible.

Stating that the work on the Line Maintenance Concept is continuing, Mr. Chairman said, var There is a study on this subject that is walking from two branches. While a commission that we established continued to work on the subject, we asked our educator friends to do a study. We want to combine these two reports and create a new Line Maintenance Handbook that protects us. ”

Mr. Ersoy Ankara also stated that a new job description of the engineers working in the Maintenance Department would enable more active participation in the business processes.


TCDD Maintenance Department Vice Presidents Mr. Ali Ozturk and Mr. Ugur Acikgoz, YOLDER Management for the opportunity to be together, thanking the meeting and the Association between the Department of Maintenance said that a new start. Mehmet Soner Baş, Vice President of Maintenance Department, who is one of the founding members of YOLDER, stated that there is a good synergy between YOLDER and Maintenance Department and said: X There are 5 bin 500 personnel under the roof of our department. It is impossible for us to meet physically exactly. Therefore, as an experienced Association, we expect YOLDER to act as a bridge between the members and the Administration, to increase the number of its members and to specialize in the field and continue to produce solutions for the problems that we all know. ”

Yolder Chairman of the Board Şakir Kaya, President of the Maintenance Department, Mr. Ersoy Ankara and said they are very happy and honored to host his esteemed team, said that they will always support the Maintenance Department as an association in the rebuilding of corporate belonging.

Suold Ocak, YOLDER Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, underlined that they had hosted the Heads and Service Managers of YOLDER for the first time in YOLDER history and said, cum We would like to thank our dear guests who crossed the 1200 kilometer highway on a Saturday and visited YOLDER. The greatest need of the Maintenance Department staff is worth seeing. This visit of Mr. President and his team will be the greatest indicator of the value given to YOLDER, its members and all maintenance personnel, and we believe that, under the leadership of Mr. President Ersoy Ankara, with the support of Vice-Presidents and Service Managers, YOLDER members will solve the problems one by one. ” .

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  1. 1) To make the maintenance and repairs of the vehicles after the accident or malfunction in order to keep the wagons belonging to the organization used in public transportation services in a continuous condition.

    2) To ensure periodic maintenance of all wagons used by the organization in public transportation services in a timely and complete manner, to ensure that the vehicles fail less and thus to reduce vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

    3) To make emergency repair interventions of the wagons that break down or crash, and to provide attractive service.

    4 maintenance and repair of workshops.

    5) To decrease maintenance and repair costs, to extend the life of the vehicle, to provide more economic operation, etc. to make research and development studies.

    6) To provide technical training to workers depending on technological developments.

    7) To perform all inspection maintenance and repairs of all vehicles in the workshop.

    8) To give the vehicles taken from the service to places where they need to be used in fixed service since they have consumed their economic life.

    9) Keep spare materials, such as spare parts, until consumption