Today in History: 1 November 1924 Mustafa Kemal Pasha in the opening speech of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

date today november tbmm acis speech mustafa kemal pasa
date today november tbmm acis speech mustafa kemal pasa

Today in History
1 November 1899 Arifiye-Adapazarı branch line (8,5 km) was opened.
1 November 1922 Aydin Line was transferred to the British company by the request of company managers. Turkish employees remained in office. After the Armistice of Mudanya, the delegation of the Turkish Railways was started to be transferred to the railway lines of foreign companies. The Izmir-City Line was transferred to the French company.
1 Kasım 1924 In his opening speech, Mustafa Kemal Pasha said,, The need for railroads and roads is at the beginning of all the needs of the country. It is impossible to spread the present-day means of civilization outside of the railway. Railroad is the way to happiness. Demiryolu
1 Kasım 1935 Atatürk said in his opening speech: il The major need of our eastern provinces is to be connected by railways to our central and western provinces Kasım.
1 November 1936 Yazıhan-Hekimhan (38 km) and Tecer-Çetinkaya line (69 km) were built by Simeryol Construction Company.
1 November 1955 Eskişehir Vocational School was opened.

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