Soykan: 'We Commemorate KARDEMİR Owners with Gratitude and Gratitude'

we commemorate the owners of soykan kardemiri with gratitude and sukran
we commemorate the owners of soykan kardemiri with gratitude and sukran

Soykan: 'We commemorate those who own KARDEMİR with gratitude and gratitude'; Karabük Iron and Steel Factories to be closed 8 November 1994 on November and 4 hours of the public to send their children to the school, craftsmen shut down, including a series of reactions to stop life, including actions to stop life, the activities organized by the Öz Çelik Business Union was once again commemorated.

8 25 of November acts. Karabük Deputy Governor Barboros Baran, Provincial Police Chief Sırrı Tuğ, KARDEMİR General Manager Dr. KARDEMİR; Hüseyin Soykan, Assistant General Managers, Özçelik İş Union Vice Presidents Bayram Altun, Recep Akyel, Hicret Bozoklu, Şendika Branch Chairman Ulvi Üngören and Branch Management, representatives of Political Party and Non-Governmental Organizations and employees of KARDEMİR.

5 April decisions and the struggle after the events began with a cinevision show, the General Manager of KARDEMIR. Hüseyin Soykan, in his speech, mentioned about the historical past of the factory and said that Kardemir renews its production technologies and increases their efficiency with the investments made after the privatization.

Stating that the success is the fruits of the struggle in 1994, General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Soykan “Karabük Iron and Steel Factories are indispensable for our region and our country. 25 decided to close these factories with a decision taken years ago, but the decision of closure was abandoned and transferred to Kardemir Joint Stock Company as a result of the struggle of the workers, retirees, artisans-officers, students and all Karabük people with a great sense of ownership. 8 November, which is a historical day in which unity and solidarity and social solidarity and ownership sense is monolithic, is once again understood to be justified in the struggle of our employees and the people of Karabük. Such that; Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, which have been decided to close in 1994, have been continuing their production for thousands of years and continue to be the door of bread for thousands of employees and still remain indispensable not only for Karabük and the regional economy but also for our country. ”

In his speech, General Manager Soykan said that he commemorates those who support this struggle and those who claim KARDEMİR today with gratitude and gratitude. 500 has reached millions of tons and the Republic of 3. In line with the 100 targets of the year, it has achieved its digital transformation by producing steel qualities for the automotive and defense industries and has reached new targets.

Soykan stated that they have continued to work to make KARDEMİR a company that has completed environmental investments, strengthened its corporate structure and has become one of the world's largest integrated iron and steel plants, which has achieved more competitive and sustainable achievements. stating that they have human resources, 25 8 years ago in November with the determination of KARDEMİR've opened the doors of the KARDEMİR've kept alive and thanked all segments of the society who contributed separately.

In his speech at Özçelik-İş Trade Union Vice President Bayram Altun, 8 in KARDEMİR stated that all processes he has undergone since its establishment should be analyzed well in order to evaluate KARDEMİR's current situation and today's position.

Altun reminded of the changes in the status of the factory in the process and the challenging processes he had experienced and said that KARDEMİR was wanted to close down because of the economic decisions dated April 5 and 1994 completed its technological life. The first torch of the struggle 'KARDEMİR can not be closed, Karabük Blacken' slogan was burned. Under the leadership of Hak-İş Confederation and Özçelik-İş Trade Union 8 As a result of the glorious resistance given on November 8, the government gave up the closure of Kardemir and the factory was privatized with the symbolic price of 1994 TL ”.

Altun said that KARDEMİR is rapidly investing in order to increase its capacity to 3.500.000 tons. “It was a blessed struggle, KARDEMİR was established and survived with great efforts and almost lost our palms. If we did not make that struggle, not only KARDEMİR, but also the future of Karabük would be darkened. It was an honorable struggle, today KARDEMİR chimneys would not smoke, thousands of people would not take bread to his house. If KARDEMİR were allowed to lock the door, we would have witnessed the return of a city to a village. Sürdür

Kardemir, one of the world's leading manufacturers in the iron and steel industry, is proud of the national moves made by Özçelik İş Union Vice President Bayram Altun, Kardemir's commitment to the defense industry and domestic automobile in the coming process and will put his responsibility said. .

Commemoration program, poetry and composition competitions organized by the Directorate of National Education students and the football field football tournament organized by the union ended with the presentation of the award teams.

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