Highways Snow Cover Application is becoming widespread

snow shield application for highways
snow shield application for highways

Highways Snow Cover Application is becoming widespread; Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, made a presentation at the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission and reminded that the General Directorate of Highways stores 400 thousand tons of salt, 382 thousand cubic meters of aggregate, 54 tons of urea and 3 thousand tons of chemical de-icing materials.

Turhan said, “We are also expanding the Snow Shield application, which has great benefits in preventing snow from falling into the road. While there were 2003 kilometers of snow trenches on state and provincial roads in 63, today we reached 681 kilometers of snow trenches. ” said.

Turhan pointed out that the inspection activities on the highways continue at full speed and that the Ministry aims to carry out the effective monitoring of the road passenger and freight transport with the Ministry of Transportation Electronic Tracking and Inspection System, financial follow-up, and the realization of the regulations required by the sector with real statistics.

Turhan said that 90 percent of the transport companies were integrated into the system with the passenger transport system, which was put into service at the beginning of this year, and they aim to increase this rate to over 95 percent by the end of the year.

Emphasizing that the number of trips entered into the system exceeded 5 million 350 thousand and passenger information exceeded 82 million, Turhan said, “The use of this system's module for cargo transportation will begin in 2020.” he spoke.

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