Fog Affected Istanbul Airport Airplanes Toured in the Air for Minutes

fog affected istanbul airport
fog affected istanbul airport

Istanbul Airport scheduled to do business due to the fog, which was effective in the morning at Tuesday morning, airplanes toured for a long time in the air. Despite the delay, all planes landed safely at the airport.

According to AirportHaber, flight IA219 performing the Najaf-Istanbul flight, Medine-Istanbul flight SV3259, Bucharest-Istanbul flight RO261 belonging to Tarom and Medine-Istanbul flight number T5901, Turkmenistan Airlines flying in the air for a long time. had to throw.

Due to the fog that is especially effective in the morning hours, the visibility distance of the apron in Istanbul Airport falls to 5 meters in places; According to AirportHaber's information, pushback vehicles were also given to the operation accompanied by follow me. It was noted that the aircraft, which could not approach the blowers due to the fog, were directed to the region known as the Northern Apron.



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