Public Threat Against Sapanca Ropeway Project

threat to the public resisting the sapanca ropeway project
threat to the public resisting the sapanca ropeway project

Threat to the People Resisting Sapanca Ropeway Project 'We Squeeze Your Head'; In the Kırkpınar neighborhood of Sapanca, the security forces who resisted the tree cuts threatened to sık bite your head sık.

Sapanca's Kırkpınar near the ropeway project to be made near the trees began to be reduced again. Two and a half months in the tent people who carried out resistance to the tent in order to stop the tree went to the area.

While cutting the pine trees with the support of the security forces, the company's security officer to the citizen, "I'm going to bite your head" caused reactions. The officer charged with a criminal complaint was taken into custody.

After the slaughter, the people of the neighborhood went to the office of the Mayor of Sapanca and asked to stop the slaughter and to cancel the project. Then the Mayor of Sapanca visited the guard area for the first time and promised to meet with the Mayor of Sakarya.

Intervention to the tent area

The guard tent established by the Kırkpınarlılar was dismantled by the security forces in the early hours of the morning and the people were beaten. The Kırkpınarlılar protested, cut the roads and rebuilt their tents in another area.

threat to the public resisting the sapanca ropeway project
threat to the public resisting the sapanca ropeway project

3 plans to cut down a thousand trees

Teleferic Project was opened to tender with the build-operate-transfer model of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. The only company participated in the tender. 10 September 2018 year-long revenue sharing agreement was signed with Bursa Teleferik AŞ-Teleferik Holding AŞ Partnership. To date, four lawsuits have been filed against the project.

Kırkpınarlılar ropeway planned to be built by the grandfather of the village in 1945 year to be used as a village pasture to the village legal entity conditional donation of any commercial activity in this area can not be done, he says. Kırkpınar Environment and Outdoor Sports Club, TMMOB Sakarya Branches and Sakarya NGOs support the struggle in the neighborhood.

Ecological Association: Ecological balance of Lake Sapanca will be disrupted

The Ecological Union, which criticizes the ropeway project in the region and the interventions against the people. The project will result in the cutting down of 3 thousand trees and making the area a rent-making area. With this project, hotels, restaurants, bungalows will be built in the future and green areas and forest areas will be destroyed and the ecological balance of Lake Sapanca will be disrupted. The neighborhood will be open to erosion and flooding with the cutting of trees ”. (Yeşilgazet to)

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