Sapanca Teleferic Project No EIA Report Claim

sapanca cable car project ced report no claim
sapanca cable car project ced report no claim

It has been claimed that there is no EIA Report of the Teleferic Project in Sapanca which has been controversial for about 3 months, and that it is a crime to grant a construction license.

TMMOB Sakarya Provincial Representative Salim Aydin, at a press conference, the Teleferik Project, many questions could not be answered, the project 'I did was' indinde 'sketch' claimed that the work.

Aydın, Kırkpınar and Mahmudiye, especially Sapanca's green is treated hostile and converted into concrete for the sake of rent, "Telepric Project" is intervening once again with our living spaces. Our intention to leave the land we inherited from our ancestors with a longing for a more beautiful Kırkpınar and Mahmudiye, is the result of Sapanca Municipality and Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. is trying to defeat the annuity of the annuity ”.

Aydın said: “We, Kırkınarlı and Mahmudiyeliler, Sapancalılar who protect our habitats, our nature and our historical heritage, are together in front of the public and Sapanca people today against many difficulties and difficulties while they fight against this injustice, talana and rent. The process is mainly known to the people of Sapanca, our province, Sakarya and our country in general. It continues on legal and legitimate grounds that we carry out against rent, within the framework of our understanding of protecting our nature. We will once again inform the Sakarians, the press and the public in the technical report prepared at this stage. ”

Salim Aydın later, the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Kocaeli Branch Ex. Trans. Eng. / He shared the technical report prepared by the oceanographer Sait Ağdacı.


The report included the following views:

1-The said project does not reflect the details and does not answer many questions. In short, this project is an “sketch“ when the tip is open oldu I did it “.

2-Regarding the ropeway to be built, the EIA report (Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality) could not be reached in any way and no record of such a report was found. In short, the project does not have an EIA report (positive / negative). While this is the case, issuing construction permits and starting construction is a crime under the law.

3-The terrain allocated as ropeway control center and parking lot is donated on condition that it is used as “earthquake gathering area and marketplace“. In this case, the use of the area for these purposes is also a crime before the law.

Number of trees to be cut

4-In the first stage, in the area where N cable car line X is calculated as 1500m, approximately 5000 larch, scotch pine, beech, chestnut and hornbeam species will be cut. Looking at the whole project; The accommodation (which is thought to be a bungalow), touristic facilities (tea garden, restaurant, playground, car park, etc.), command centers and this carnage can be up to 20.000. the green will be completely destroyed. The same events occurred during the 2005-2017 years of forest land by taking into the scope of 2B and zoning.

5-Sapanca region, especially the Marmara region, Bolu and Ankara due to the proximity of our citizens here and especially in recent years is the place of call for foreign nationals. Unfortunately, due to this feature, it has been subjected to the above mentioned tree / forest carnage and concretization by attracting the interest of some renter section.

Sapanca drinks his own water

6-Sapanca's rivers / rivers were closed by domestic and foreign water bottling companies and the people of Sapanca had to içmek drink their own water with money “.

7-The area where the ropeway project is planned to be constructed is also al an area where underground water resources are rich ”. This will further increase the water problem of Sapanca, which is already rapidly moving towards water scarcity.

8-Sapanca Lake is the only water source of the Sapanca creeks and forests of this kind of projects with the destruction of the rudiment of the water falls, the built-up of the waste water directly to the lake with the discharge of the lake has become a Mesotrophic lake.

In other words, eutrophication has started in Sapanca Lake, the oxygen content of the lake has fallen, and the species and density of the species have disappeared. Therefore, while 10-15 was a fish species in Sapanca Lake until the year before, 48-4 has fallen to today. In the Sapanca mountains, 5 species of wild animals have vanished over time, and the last 19 was seen years ago.

9- It is unfortunate that this project is put on the agenda while the state of Sapanca Lake is the primary source of drinking water in Sakarya and Sapanca regions.

10 While there is awareness of living with earthquake in our region; In Sapanca, which is one of the most sheltered areas in the 1999 earthquake, the loss of this area without creating an alternative earthquake collection area is a disaster.

11In addition, such a project to be carried out without the consent and approval of the people of Sapanca will prepare the ground for social tensions and events.

12In the light of the reasons listed above, the ropeway construction should be stopped immediately and the area should be rehabilitated.

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