24 Hour Transportation in Sanliurfa

sanliurfada hour transport
sanliurfada hour transport

Turkey's longest road having one of the network in Sanliurfa citizens that aims to best serve Metropolitan Municipality, lastly In the 71 No. line the way to the revision in 76 numbered lines decided to serve with 24 hour basis.

For example, many cities in Turkey with innovative applications shown Transportation Şanlıurfa Municipality, revisions in some way to the end of the route covered by regulations, and in some routes will provide service 24 hours.

Following the demands and suggestions of the citizens about transportation since the day he took office, within the framework of the regulation made with the instructions of Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, a number of changes were made towards the inner parts considering the new settlement areas on the lines 71, 71A and 78 for Güzelşehir. 76 No. Seyrantepe neighborhood (Maşuk) on the basis of the 24 clock decision was taken to provide transportation.


04 November 2019 As of Monday, the new regulation will be put into practice, starting from 00.00 at night, the vehicles will move from the second collection center every hour on the 76 numbered Seyrantepe and will start to travel from Seyrantepe to the city center at hourly intervals.

On the other hand, Göbeklitepe voyages have been started in winter and the journeys will be made between 12.00 - 16.00 hours.

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