Will Samsun Train Station Move to Tekkeköy?

samsun gari tekkekoye will be moved
samsun gari tekkekoye will be moved

Will Samsun Train Station be Moved to Tekkeköy? ; Samsun-Sivas (Kalin) railway line, whose opening has been postponed constantly, has moved to the agenda of Samsun Railway Station in Tekkeköy, while the crossing regulations of Kılıçdede pass have not been complied with.

Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) railway line, whose opening is continuously postponed, brings many questions and problems. One of the main problems is the failure to comply with the provisions of the meli Regulation on Measures and Implementation Principles to be taken to Railway Level Crossings an published in the Official Gazette dated 2013 and numbered 28696. Regulation 9. , Level crossing protection systems to be established according to train speed and traffic density are stated below. Railroad level crossings with traffic signs can be opened freely on conventional lines where train speeds are up to 120 km / h and travel moment is up to 3.000. An automatic or guarded barrier system consisting of flasher, bell and barrier is installed in the passageways on conventional lines where train speeds are up to 160 km / h and travel moment is up to 30.000. On the lines exceeding the 30.000 coefficient of travel torque, a level crossing cannot be opened, an underpass or overpass can be built ”.


Around the daily 70 thousand vehicles passing through the stage of Samsun Ordu highway Samsun Sivas railway intersection at the crossing of Kılıçdede point is reported to be contrary to the regulation in question. Stating that the crossing of the level crossing in Kılıçdad is clearly contrary to this regulation, “The regulation has been violated according to the eye. Necessary warnings were made in time but unfortunately not taken into consideration ”.


Noting that the violation of this regulation will hamper the urban traffic to a great extent, those who are concerned will be “Either train will be minimized and as much as possible, the road traffic will be reduced to hours or road transport will be blocked. A third solution would be to direct the Samsun-Sivas railway to Tekkeköy with a new line before entering the city center with great costs ”. It was learned that the authorities gave their opinion on the implementation of the third option.


SamsunHaberTV Editor-in-Chief Osman Kara stated in his column on October 3, 2019, "The level crossing in Kılıçde is against the regulation and this mistake will greatly affect both road and rail traffic", and said, "Is it a solution? It's very expensive but it's there. Connecting the railway to Tekkeköy with tunnels under the Canik mountain range in the future! This is the bill that I call unpaid/unpaid. Lost time, wasted national wealth and other damages caused by disrupted transportation.” He used his expressions. At the solution point, this third option becomes more and more important. kazanhe's eating. Unfortunately there is no other option. It is up to society to pay for negligence or other effects.

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