Palandöken Ski Center is ready to welcome ski lovers

palandoken ski resort is ready to welcome ski lovers
palandoken ski resort is ready to welcome ski lovers

Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center is ready to host ski lovers with its 5 star hotel, 9 bungalow house and extended ski slopes as well as concerts and organizations to be opened in the new season.

Natural Environmental Features Winter tourism movement in terms of Turkey's major ski areas in the first degree and having 3185 mA peak Palandöken Mountains, located south of the province of Erzurum and extends east-west direction. The Palandöken mountains cover an area of ​​approximately 70 km long and 30 km wide. The altitude of the mountains starts from 2000 m to 3176 m. The biggest dragon hill 3176 m constitutes the highest point of the Palandöken Mountains, and the small dragon hill 3095 m rises to the south of Erzurum city center and to the southern border of the Hınısboğazı ski area.

The Palandöken Mountains, which offer a mid-range mountain range, are generally barren except for protected valleys and afforestation areas. Steppe and shrubs usually cover. As a result of the high erosion, a topographical structure emerged where the steep slopes are suddenly mixed with the flats that appear. As it goes even higher, the topography changes with its large bowls and cone-shaped peaks.

Erzurum is surrounded by mountain ranges and has a cold climate. One of the factors that enable long-term winter tourism of Erzurum is undoubtedly its climatic characteristics. Erzurum has a climate that provides bioclimatic comfort due to high altitude and has a performance-enhancing effect. The season in Palandöken winter tourism center is N 150 day / year ”and covers December, January, February, March and April. In normal winter conditions the snow thickness in the ski areas exceeds 2 m. Snow quality is very important for skiing activity. As a matter of fact, snow cover should fall in the form of crystal snow, not ice-snow or wet snow, in order to create a touristic income source potential. Snow quality in Palandöken is very high, but it has powder snow quality due to its physical structure.

Snow quality is the freezing of property, regulates the winter tourism center Palandöken advantageous situation than other existing winter tourism centers in Turkey. Besides the crystal snow feature, the number of sunny days seen throughout the year is also among the advantages of skiing and winter sports tourism in Erzurum. At the same time, the fact that the ski centers are approximately 20 minutes away from the airport is one of the most important factors that make winter tourism attractive in Erzurum.

The first serious and comprehensive project Palandöken Ski Center for winter tourism in Turkey "Erzurum's Palandöken Winter Sports and Tourism Master Plan" study. In the study, it was determined that the Palandöken Mountains have the nature of international winter sports with their natural structure and harsh climate. In the project, it is envisaged that 32 thousand people can ski on three areas, international competitions and even winter olympics can be organized and 6 thousand people can be employed directly.

Erzurum-Palandöken Winter Sports and Tourism Master Plan (1991) identified three important ski resort areas in the province. All of these are on the northern foothills of the Palandöken Mountains. These fields are; Hınıs-Palandöken Strait Location, Gez Plateau and Konaklı Region. 25 to these areas covered by the master plan. When we include the Kandilli Region developed within the framework of the World Inter-University Winter Games, we can shape the winter tourism centers of Erzurum in the main section of 4. Hınıs – Palandöken Strait Location: It is located in the Erzurum Strait (also known as Hınıs Strait and Tekman Strait) located just south of Erzurum and 5 km. This area, commonly known as the Palandöken Ski Resort, includes Ejder Hill and its surroundings on the Palandöken mountains. Palandöken Ski Center has become one of the most important winter tourism areas of our country with its ski facilities, long and wide slopes, accommodation facilities and mechanical carriers where alpine discipline can be applied easily.

Winter sports activities in the Palandöken Ski Center are located on the 2200-3176 meter altitude belt and are carried out on the Namlıkar, Hınıs Strait, Konaklı, Ülkeroğlu and Yağmurcuk regions from north to south. Palandöken is one of the closest ski resorts in the world with its 5 km distance to Erzurum city center. The ski resort is normally 25 – 30 minutes away from Erzurum airport.

The ski runs at the Palandöken Ski Resort are among the longest and steepest ski runs in the world. Palandöken Ski Center has a total of 27 ski runs of varying degrees of difficulty, including multi-purpose ski tracks, as well as the International Ski Federation (FIS) approved ski slopes for professional skiers to ski. The longest slope is 12 km and the total length of the ski slopes is 28 km. The difference between the starting and ending elevations is 1100 meters. Ejder and Kapıkaya runways have been declared as Olympic registered tracks for Slalom and Great Slalom competitions. Slalom and Great Slalom competitions are held on these slopes, so they are among the most preferred slopes among ski centers.

There are 5 chairlifts (4500 person / hour capacity), 1 chairlift (300 person / hour capacity), 2 baby lift (total 1800 person capacity), 1 gondola lift (1500 person / hour capacity). Palandöken also organizes ski and snowboard competitions and snow festivals in various categories. In addition, there are four tourist facilities on the mountain, one 5 star and 3 4 star, as well as a ski house, daily facilities and restaurants. The available bed capacity in the ski resort is approximately 2000.

Turkey's prime importance and is one of the primary winter tourism centers Palandöken Mountains as a result of studies carried out by the public and private sectors, skiing and movements winter tourism as an international station being characterized in that direction. On the other hand, it is seen that domestic tourists are significantly more than the number of foreign tourists. The client profile of most of the foreign tourists visiting Palandöken are tourists from Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Middle East. In Palandöken 25 is the construction of truly modern ski slopes. World Inter-University Winter Games started with.

Konakli: It is southwest of Erzurum and 18 km from the city center. Located between Konaklı village (2200 m) and Kırkulak mountain (3084 m), the ski center is more suitable for Alpine discipline and free ski competitions. Currently, there are 25 tracks covering a total area of ​​460 hectares prepared for Alpine Discipline and slalom races within the scope of the 11th World University Winter Games. Although the land consists of different ski areas, it is an important feature of Konaklı that it gives the opportunity to establish connections between these areas.
Gez Plateau: Gez Plateau winter sports center is in 2200-2770 m range and 7 km east of Erzurum. The 54 hectare has three wide ridges extending from the peak to the northeast. The sliding area is between 2150 m and 2750 m. It is suitable for alpine skiing and free skiing. However, no studies have been conducted in Gez Plateau in terms of winter sports.

Kandilli: Kandilli Ski Resort, 25. Developed to serve biathlon and ski jogging competitions within the scope of World Inter-University Winter Games. Kandilli Ski Resort is built on 160 ha terrain and the slopes are located at the altitude 1713-1767 m. 36 km from the city center. Away. Kandilli has a skiing center, a ski slope with different difficulty levels, a skiing facility and biathlon slopes.

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