Pacific Eurasia Brings Far East and Europe with Iron Silk

pacific eurasia connects far east and europe via iron silk
pacific eurasia connects far east and europe via iron silk

Pacific Eurasia Brings Far East and Europe to the Iron Silk Road; The dream of the Iron Silk Road from Far East to Western Europe is becoming reality with Pacific Eurasia Logistics and TCDD Transportation. Within the framework of the 'One Generation One Way' initiative, Fatih Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pacific Eurasia, told the targets of Pacific Eurasia and logistics sector before meeting the first freight train that will go uninterruptedly by using Marmaray tube passage from China to Europe.

Pacific in the construction industry as they have proven themselves and in a short time, Ankara's most important projects, reminding Fatih Erdogan reminded that the activities in the food sector continues to grow, he said. Fatih Erdoğan stated that they had an intensive period of research to enter new sectors with high added value and strategic importance.

Emphasizing that they believe in the future of the logistics sector, Fatih Erdoğan said that Pacific Eurasia will be a combined transportation company to include land, air and sea transportation, especially railways. Turkey's potential in rail transport, which emphasized the very high Fatih Erdogan continued his speech as follows: "When we look at the figures, the European Union countries on railway percent share xnumx'yk that it receives from the total logistics of transporting these figures so 20 level in Turkey. So there are more ways to go in this area. Ultimately 5 trillion dollars over the bilateral trade volume between Asia and Europe, the population of about 21 5 billion and the country where the benefit goes through Turkey Iron Silk Road Line. As Pacific Eurasia, we saw the opportunity in this sector and started our initiative. ”

Stating that Demir İpek Yolu will contribute to the growth of the logistics sector, Fatih Erdoğan said that as Pacific Eurasia, they have developed a strategy for the expansion of Turkish railways abroad, especially to the eastern geography. Underlining that Russian Railways has signed a preliminary agreement with RZD Logistics to establish a joint company, Erdoğan said that they will also sign a cooperation agreement with Kazakh company KTZ Express in the coming days. Fatih Erdogan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Central Asian Turkic Republics said that they have cooperated with.

Stating that they have achieved important developments since the day they established Pacific Eurasia, Fatih Erdoğan said that they are very proud to carry containers from Georgia to the border with Bulgaria, starting their journey from Xi'an, China and carrying electronic products equivalent to 42 trucks.

China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia as a result of long-term negotiations with the authorities of the railroad officials came to this stage Fatih Erdogan, TCDD cooperation with the two continents, 10 countries, crossing the two seas, 12 per day 11 bin483 km will travel China Railway Express he said they assumed the burden of logistics services in Turkey feet. 6 November 2019 for the train will be welcomed on Wednesday at the Ankara Train Station with the participation of the officials of China, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia, as well as Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan.

Tren After the ceremony, the train departing from Ankara will end its journey in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, with the title of the first freight train departing from China and using the Marmaray Tube Crossing. our company further artırıyor.türki to our expectations for both our countries, becoming the most strategic ports of the central corridor stretching from Beijing to London. Hattı'yl Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway freight transport time between China and Turkey 1 12 days in the month, this time even if the Marmaray entegreol between the Far East and Western Europe will have fallen by 18 days. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be a rapid growth in the logistics sector in the coming years, especially in railway transportation. ”

gin people republic europe train line route
china people european train line route

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