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Map of Marmaray
marmaray map and marmaray schedules

Marmaray Ticket Prices and Marmaray Expedition: The construction of the Marmaray project, which will connect the railroads on both sides of the Bosphorus, is continuing rapidly. Railway lines will be connected to each other by railway tunnel connection under the Bosphorus. Marmaray Expeditions and Marmaray Fees with a detailed news about you. In Marmaray Buy Ticket section, you can find the current ticket prices.

Marmaray enters the underground in Kazlıçeşme; the new underground stations, Yenikapı and Sirkeci.

The Marmaray project is thought to affect Istanbul's busy Bosphorus bridge traffic. People will prefer to cross the Bosphorus with their own vehicles quickly.

Marmaray Flights and Marmaray Ticket Prices

The answer to this question is expected to be announced shortly before the start of the Marmaray project. Marmaray project 29 opened in October 2013. When you make any explanation about the Marmaray service hours, working hours and movement hours, we will offer you Marmaray service hours:

  • Marmaray with Gebze and Halkalı between 105 minutes
  • Between Marmaray and Bostancı and Bakırköy 37 minutes
  • Between Marmaray and Söğütlüçeşme and Yenikapı 12 minutes
  • Between Marmaray and Üsküdar to Sirkeci 4 minutes

Marmaray stops will be used on the same direction from Gebze to Söğütlü fountain. Renewed train rails and stops and willow fountain with people who use Marmaray Sogutlucesme from Uskudar, then from the European side will pass.

Halkalı Gebze Metro Line Marmaray Stations

It has the largest longest metro route in Istanbul Halkalı There are total 42 stops on the Gebze metro line. Of these stops, 14 is located on the European side, while the remaining 28 is on the Anatolian side. Marmaray Stations are as follows:

  1. Halkalı
  2. Mustafa Kemal
  3. Kucukcekmece
  4. Florya
  5. Yesilköy
  6. Yesilyurt
  7. Atakoy
  8. Bakirkoy
  9. Yenimahalle
  10. Zeytinburnu
  11. Kazlıçeşme
  12. Yenikapı
  13. Sirkeci
  14. Bosphorus
  15. Uskudar
  16. İbrahimağa
  17. Sogutlucesme
  18. Feneryolu
  19. Göztepe
  20. Erenköy
  21. Suadiye
  22. Bostanci
  23. Küçükyalı
  24. İdealtepe
  25. Sureyya Beach
  26. Maltepe
  27. Cevizli
  28. Atalar
  29. Basak
  30. Kartal
  31. Yunus
  32. Pendik
  33. Kaynarca
  34. Tersane
  35. Güzelyali
  36. Aydıntepe
  37. İçmeler
  38. Tuzla
  39. Çayırova
  40. Fatih
  41. Osmangazi
  42. Gebze
Halkali gebze metro
Halkalı Mustafakemal Kucukcekmece Florya Yesilkoy Yesilyurt Atakoy Bakirkoy Yenimahalle Zeytinburnu Kazlicesme Yenikapi Sirkeci Bosphorus Uskudar Ibrahimaga Sogutlucesme Feneryolu Goztepe Erenkoy Suadiye Bostanci Kucukyali Idealtepe Sureyya Beach Maltepe Cevizli Ancestors Basak Kartal Yunus Pendik Kaynarca Shipyard Aydıntepe İçmeler Tuzla Cayirova Fatih Osmangazi Gebze

Interactive Istanbul Metro Map

Map of Marmaray RayHaber Tube

Istanbul Railway Systems Map (pdf)

Marmaray Tickets

Minimum fare for this course will be valid from 13.03.2019

Full Ticket Price: 2,60 TL
Discounted Ticket Price: 1,25 TL / 1,85 TL

Marmaray Full Course Fee

Full Ticket Price: 5,70 TL
Discounted Ticket Price: 2,75 TL / 4,0 TL

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